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Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks In EX 02 Pure Pink

Lunasol released a new and limited cheek product this Spring – the Glowing Powder Cheeks. Available in 2 shades, I picked up EX 02 Pure Pink. Each Glowing Powder Cheeks retails at S$60 for 6g of product, made in Japan.

This blush promises to bring out the beauty of the skin itself with a powder that has a moist sensation and pure colouration. Delicate Pink Pearls provide a vibrant health-looking complexion, while gold pearls that blend with the skin achieve an elegant radiance.

When I first saw the promotion pictures circulating online, I thought I would fall for EX 01 Pure Coral but instead, it was the freshness and healthy glow of EX 02 Pure Pink that captured my heart.

All the goodness is housed in a paper box packaging very similar to the older versions of Benefit Box O’ Powder (new Benefit Box O’ Powder now comes with a flip top, magnetic closure). I am not quite sure why Lunasol has adopted this style which I think is relatively “old-school” – I would have preferred their usual compacts.

Packaging aside, the blush itself has “Lunasol” imprinted along the bottom of the pan.

The blush doesn’t bears any particular scent although it would have been really nice to have some mild petal notes infused – to complete the “momoka” inspired theme.

I would describe Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks in EX 02 Pure Pink as a fresh, carnation pink with golden micro-shimmers, satin finish.

The texture is ultra-fine and adheres to the skin beautifully – almost cream-like. Despite having the golden shimmers, it doesn’t feel gritty at all – nice and smooth. The golden shimmers also doesn’t create a storm.

Swatches below taken under natural sunlight without flash – on dry skin without primer or base.

This shade also has a very good colour payoff and blends evenly on the skin. It can be layered on for more intensity.

I like to use a big, fluffy brush like realTechniques Multi Task Brush or Urban Decay Blush Brush for a lighter, sheerer and more translucent finish. For the set of pictures below, I have used a smaller and denser brush – Shu Uemura #20 Pony Brush for a more intense and rich coverage.

The Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks in EX 02 Pure Pink is a very pretty everyday blush for me which lasts all day. I feel that it brightens up my complexion and adds a hint of colour – I can get away with very minimal makeup. The golden shimmers are merely visible when worn unless under bright sunlight.

And the satin finish perks up my skin with a radiant and dewy glow – without emphasizing my pores (major plus).

As much as I like it, I don’t think it’s a must-have. The colour and texture are not entirely unique – packaging is not the most user-friendly and price point is relatively high as compared to other brands. Perhaps the upcoming release will be more interesting and worthy?

Thank you for reading, hope this post helped.

31 thoughts on “Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks In EX 02 Pure Pink

  1. Hi Joey, I’m quite surprised that Lunasol did a blush in a Benefit-like packaging, considering that they have always stuck to the refillable pan concept. Perhaps they’re made in the same factory? Love the look you have on today. Your skin always looks prestine!

    • Hi Tracy,
      Right? I am quite surprised too.. Didn’t understand why!!
      Benefit’s made in France and Lunasol’s in Japan..
      Thank you so much for your compliments =)

  2. i have this in Pure Coral as I picked up RMK’s Sprinkling Cheeks in Pink at the same time. I think Lunasol could do better with the packaging and the colours aren’t that unique, but the texture and lovely glow it imparts are the 2 things which made me buy it. At least the brush Lunasol included is soft and useable, not the scratchy kind like Benefit’s 😛

    • Hi dear,
      Which blush do you like more? The RMK or Lunasol?
      And yes, the brush included here is nice and soft unlike Benefit’s but still, I don’t use them..

      • It’s nice for touch ups, but given the box is a bit frail and not that travel friendly, i don’t usually carry the blush around. I think I like both blushes pretty much the same, but if I had to really pick, RMK then. The highlighter shade is beautiful and I like the packaging much better than Lunasol’s.

  3. This is so pretty. I have ex 01 Soft Coral but I’m considering buying ex 02 too because of your post. Does Soft Pink have good color payoff? Do you know if there is a dupe? I just bought Mac Lovecloud from Tres Cheeks Collection …

  4. Oh not soft pink – – I get the names mixed up. I have Ex01 in Pure Coral and I just saw your post on RMK Sprinkling Cheeks and it is so lovely but it might be out of stock now. 😦 Is Lunasol Ex02 in Pure Pink similar to RMK Sprinkling Cheeks in pink? Thanks a lot ❤ I'm looking for a cool pink blush that is not too cool.

    • Both pinks are different..
      Lunasol’s is a lot more shimmery and has the slightest hint of coral whereas RMK’s has a soft, beautiful sheen on its own – colour wise leans cooler..
      Hope I helped =)

  5. Yes, you definitely helped.Thank you so much. Can I ask you one more question? Sorry if it’s too much. I’m also interested in Benefit Hervana. What’s difference between Hervana and Pure Pink in terms of shades? I really want to buy Pure Pink but I think it might be unnecessary to have both Pure Coral and Pure Pink. Pure Pink seems easily dupable but I’m a sucker for limited edition products. Thanks again for your help. 🙂

    • Hi dear,
      No worries, so sorry for the late reply!!
      Let me try to help you with this – Benefit Hervana is a great everyday blush, subtle, not too shimmery at all..
      Depending on your personal preference, Lunasol Pure Pink can be an everyday blush too but a lot more shimmery..
      Both are different and they are both gorgeous pink blushers that will brighten up complexions!!
      I will try to fit in a post on them for you but it will only be in the next couple of weeks’ time..

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