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Children Of The Rare Earth – Kiehl’s x George Young

Maintaining its long-standing tradition of supporting children’s causes by raising awareness and funds to create safer, more positive environments for children.

Kiehl’s is pleased to announce a collaboration with talented actor, host & model, George Young, FLY Entertainment Artiste, to raise awareness for the children from Autism Association (Singapore).

Growing up with two autistic brothers, I’m acutely aware how autism affects the lives of both the people with the condition and those that love and care for them. It’s a condition that deserves more awareness, understanding and research into treatment and therapy and I’m therefore proud to partner with Kiehl’s in a project that helps to do just that.

George Young

Kiehl’s will be donating 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, featuring the works of  Ketna Patel, Asia Pop Art Artist, to Autism Association (Singapore) for renovation work in Eden Children’s Centre (Clementi and Simei).

Intensively Purifies to Minimize Pores with Amazonian White Clay

This deep-pore cleansing masque may be used for normal to oily skin types to help eliminate debris and dead surface skin-cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave skin dull-looking.

The main ingredient – Amazonian White Clay – is fairly-traded and sourced from Marajo Island, located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil. This nutrient-rich clay used in our Rare Earth Masque is the result of a fair trade partnership which helps provide economic support to local communities on the island.

Kiehl’s Standards For Fairly-Traded sourcing

The company complies with fair trade practices by:

  • Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged workers and fostering a work environment that is healthy and safe;
  • Paying a fair price for the raw materials sourced in the community and assuring that their suppliers do the same.
  • Making certain the materials and processes used in the production of products do not damage the environment and that what is used is replaced, recycled, or restored.

The limited edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque retails at S$45 for 142g of product, made in USA.


The Autism Association (Singapore) was founded by a group of parents concerned about inadequate provision for their children who have been diagnosed with autism in August 1992. The Association aims to initiate, organize and support provision of a broad spectrum of services for people with autism in Singapore. Such services encompass education, vocational and life skills training and residential care.

Over the last 20 years, Autism Association (Singapore) has grown to be one of the oldest and largest Autism Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in Singapore.

The association’s services include two Children’s Centres which advocate Early Intervention Programmes, one Day Activity Centre for adults and one Special School, focuses on Pre-Vocational Training. The two Children’s Centre located at Clementi and Simei provide a structured teaching environment where an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is tailored and implemented to meet the needs of about 80 students aged 2 to 6 years.

We are happy to be the beneficiary behind Kiehl’s efforts and commitment to building better communities in this project. We believe the concerted efforts of Kiehl’s, George Young, Ketna Patel and Autism Association (Singapore) will go a long way in raising the awareness for autism issues.

We would also like to thank Kiehl’s for raising funds through the sale of Kiehl’s products for the renovation work in Eden Children’s Centre (Clementi and Simei).

Mr Ho Swee Huat, Chairman of Autism Association (Singapore)


Thank you for reading.

All information and images extracted from press kit provided

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