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Out & About In Bangkok

SUQQU was the first thing that came to my mind when I knew I was visiting Bangkok. Thailand is the nearest country to Singapore that carries SUQQU. For other SUQQU locations, please click here.

Still extremely new to this brand, I was so glad I could visit a physical store and go “swatch” crazy – and spend on items I like. I spent approximately 1 hour, swatching almost every shade of eyeshadow and lipsticks on display. They had their latest Spring 2012 Makeup Collection too.

I also picked up a bottle of foundation as there is nothing better than being there, trying the shades and formula.

Another thing that I thought off was massage – this is a common practice I guess, we all go Thailand for massage isn’t it? My sister recommended Health Land and I was truly amazed – it’s a totally different experience as compared to massage parlours I visited 10 years ago. Health Land looks so established.

They have several outlets throughout Bangkok and I strongly suggest you book an appointment.

We visited two Health Land locations and both were huge – almost like a bungalow on its own with a large parking area – I believe they do pick-ups too based on the cars I see with their logos printed on them. The lobby is like a hotel, filled with people – interiors were nicely decorated, clean and spacious.

Food in Bangkok is delicious and inexpensive. You can get a bowl of noodles for about S$1.20 by the roadside.

 We visited the Chatuchak Weekend Market too but it was too hot, we only spent about 2.5 hours there and went off to the Platinum Mall. I believe Platinum Mall is new and it’s a wholesale mall. They carry lots of clothes and accessories – and they offer wholesale prices for more than 2-3 items from the same store.

Terminal 21 is also new – more expensive.

Whenever I visit Bangkok, I will surely go China Town for a decent dose of seafood. This round, we had some Bird’s Nest too.

During our stay at Bangkok, we opted for Millennium Hilton. This hotel is quite far from the central but it’s located by the river with beautiful nightscapes. This area where Hilton is, is probably like the CBD in Singapore – a good change tho, less crowded and messy.

Looking forward to my next travel – don’t know where yet tho and have no solid plans at the moment.

Last but not least, traveling from places to places by taxi in Bangkok is inexpensive too – there were 4 of us and the most expensive journey was from airport to our hotel at 500 baht which is about S$20 for a 45 minutes ride. Rest of the days, our taxi fare is less than 100 baht which is S$1 for each person.

Taking the train ended up being more expensive.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Out & About In Bangkok

  1. Seems like you guys had a great time in Bangkok, I havent got a chance to go there yet though Im planning to 🙂 so it was nice to get to see a preview of it first

  2. Platinum Mall has been around, just that they built a newish extension connected to the Novotel there(new too). I stop by Suqqu too, liking the foundation but I did not get it. It was a very un-MU buying trip for me, maybe coz I overdid the buying in TYO. Did you try MoMo Paradise when you were @ Terminal21?

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