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Bag Of Summer Loving With Ettusais


The sun may be beating down on us this season but there’s no reason for oily faces or ruined makeup. Tote these fixers along to a good spritz of summer sass all day.

makes sunblock touch up possible

Sunscreen mist that’s moisturizing and helps to prevent shine, without messing up your makeup.

  • Use it over makeup, no white look
    • dries clear, so it doesn’t mess up your makeup
  • Moisturizing your skin
    • moisturizing ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Rosemary Extract)
    • minerals (Magnesium, Potassium) help to prevent skin roughness caused by UV rays
  • Use it as a makeup base
    • using it as a makeup base will enhance adhesion of foundation
  • Blocks sebum and prevents enlarged pores
    • chamomile extract gives an astringent effect and inhibits excess sebum production
    • rosemary extract prevent the festering of bacteria in skin
    • prevent enlarged pores with Sebum Balancing ingredient
  • Smells pretty
    • faint floral fragrance that has a relaxing effect
  • Skin friendly
    • non-comedogenic formula, dermatologist-tested, colourant-free
    • gentle on the skin, 100% purified water

Ettusais Aqua Splash UV limited for Summer retails at S$29 for 40ml of product, made in Japan.

jelly that keeps skin & pores hidden

Keep shine at bay with this terrific oil-blocking jelly. You can even use it before or after your makeup.

  • Blog away shine
    • prevent the oily look of excess sebum with Vitamin B6, an astringent agent
    • blots away shine with Sebum Absorbing Powder
  • Hides pores
    • camouflage pores with light reflecting Pore Shadow Powder
    • prevents enlarged pores and acne with Loquant Leaf Extract

Loquant Leaf Extract prevents free fatty acids (from breakdown of sebum) from wreaking havoc on skin and attacking skin’s structure, which results in enlarged pores.

  • Acne-friendly
    • the gentle formulation is oil-free, fragrance-free, colourant-free and contains 100% refined water

Ettusais Oil Block Jelly limited for Summer retails at S$27 for 15g of product, made in Japan.

oil-blotting paper and astringent lotion in one

A powder-in-mist that fixes fading makeup by blotting away oil and touching up with just a spritz.

  •  New and improved
    • micro powder for a finer makeup finish
    • astringent effect with Rosemary Extract
    • refreshing sensation and grapefruit scent
    • prevents enlarged pores with Sebum Balancing ingredient
  • Touch-up your makeup is a jiffy
    • fixes fading makeup and mattifies shine
    • absorbs shine from excess sebum using porous powder
  • Acne and enlarged pores don’t stand a chance
    • sebum balancing ingredient that absorbs free-fatty acid
    • prevents formation and reproduction of bacteria on skin with Rosemary Extract
    • block Unsaturated Fatty Acids, the cause of open pores with Glycylglycine
    • has an astringent effect with Chamomilia Recutita
  • Refreshing sensation
    • refreshing grapefruit scent with a cooling sensation
  • Skin loving formula
    • 100% refined water, oil-free, colourant-free
    • mineral ingredient (Magnesium, Calcium) mild acidity
    • non-comedogenic formula, dermatologist-tested

Ettusais Aqua Splash BO improved formula retails at S$29 for 40ml of product, made in Japan.


All items will be available from 1 June 2012 at all Ettusais counters island-wide.

BHG Bugis | Isetan Orchard | Metro Paragon | Isetan Scotts | BHG Bishan | Isetan Serangoon | Metro Woodlands | BHG Clementi | Isetan Tampines


Bag an Ettusais 20th Anniversary tote to carry your summer essentials to the beach or about town with a minimum spending of S$100 between 1 June – 5 July 2012

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