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In Love With My Lipstick

Everyone is waiting for it… A friend of all times, for any occasion, available in a multitude of stunning shades.

Its talents? Making colour a game, an amusement, a whim. Being able to adapt at will and custom change to match every desire or mood. Delightfully sophisticated one day, wickedly flirtatious the next… The texture? Like a second skin, with added shine. The look? A cute, yet luxurious design.

In short: love at first sight.

Lancôme presents an instant must-have: a lipstick able to follow women through an entire day and night, wherever life might take them. An irresistible “prêt a porter” lipstick: Rouge In Love.


A wardrobe for the lips, Rouge In Love is available in 27 captivating shades. Each one has its own name, its own story… Inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern and stylish young woman the colour palette is divided into three colour universes.


No-one embodies modern romanticism better. A young English actress born in Paris, Emma Watson enchants us with her freshness, spontaneity and style… And her mischievous femininity, too.

Jolis Matins

The morning light filters in through the windows of her bedroom, gently waking her. She takes a moment to gather herself. A scented bath, some time to read… A love note written on the bathroom mirror, a touch of lipstick later and a beautiful day begins, whether she’s a working girl or fashionista on the go.

Rouge In Love glides effortlessly over her lips, adorning them in pure and natural shades set off with a hint of tone-on-tone pearl particles. With fresh and radiant shades, such as delicately tangy ‘Corail in Love’, subtle but sensual ‘Beige Dentelle’, or ‘Belle Aurore’, instantly getting you in a good mood, there is a shade for every occasion.

  • 210M Rose en Déshabillé
  • 337M Rose Plumetis
  • 351M Perles de Rosée
  • 230M Jolis Matins
  • 327M Dans ses Bras
  • 132M Corail in Love
  • 144M Coquine Mandarine
  • 243M Belle Aurore
  • 220M Beige Dentelle

Boudoir Time

Special times with friends in the late afternoon. The time for catch ups and the sharing of secrets. Where do they meet? In a cosy but chic and stylish lounge, surrounded by satin cushions, cupcakes and designer clothes.

Rouge In Love mirrors their bold approach, with punchy shades electrified by intense pearl particles. Shades include charming ‘Rose Boudoir’, elegant ‘Rose St. Honoré, or ‘Rose Pitimini’, named after her favourite flower, the smallest rose in the world.

  • 270B Beige Bonbonniére
  • 375B Bold Fushia
  • 140B Délice de Corail
  • 155B Miss Coquelicot
  • 360B Rose Boudoir
  • 247B Rose Dragée
  • 353B Rose Pitmini
  • 163B Rose St Honoré
  • 343B Violette Coquette

Tonight Is My Night

The magic of a night in Paris. The twinkling lights of the city, the buzz of the coolest clubs to be seen in where private concerts are playing. A night filled with promise, of a moment to be seized. Of an encounter, perhaps…

Rouge In Love becomes seductive, with intense deep shades infused with golden pearl particles. Shades including ‘Midnight Rose’, a crimson as resonant as the sound of a clock striking midnight, stunning ‘Bubbly Beige’ and enchanting ‘Miss Fressia’.

  • 170N Rouge Valentine
  • 167N Rouge Rendez-Vous
  • 365N Rose Grenadine
  • 383N Miss Fressia
  • 181N Midnight Rose
  • 377M Jolie Rosalie
  • 272M Bubbly Beige
  • 280N Bibi Rose
  • 244N Vip Pink

Lancôme Rouge In Love will be available at all Lancôme counters from 1 June 2012. Retails at S$40 each.

NOTE: The colours and formula are different in Asia, the shades are slightly more translucent as compared to the ones released in the US and Europe. I happen to have picked up an US version of Rouge In Love beginning of the year, click here to check out my thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

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