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Dior Summer Picks

Hello everyone, Summer is here and I purchased a total of 7 items from Dior. This is one of my largest purchases of Summer products from a brand – I bought quite a few items from Lunasol too, shall feature them soon.

I bought both the nail colours and bronzers. I actually bought Zenith first as I thought Aurora will not show up on me. The night I got home with Zenith, my mind was still thinking of Aurora and the next time I walked past a Dior counter, I decided to swatch Aurora once more and the rest became history.

For my skin tone, Aurora makes a great overall bronzer – to warm up my skin tone and Zenith is great for contouring or defining facial features.

When previews of this collection surfaced online, I was immediately attracted to the eye glosses – out of the four, I picked Tan and Sunset. Both colours are very wearable and makes a great couple too.

I am also loving the Turquoise eyeliner. The colour is clean and crisp, perfect for the season.

Did you pick up anything from this collection?

6 thoughts on “Dior Summer Picks

  1. Hi Joey, don’t you just love the summer dior collection this year! I ending buying almost the whole collection, all four eyeglosses love love them! Both 5 colours palettes , the aurora bronzer, the nail polishes, the eyeliner, the orange pareo lip gloss and the rose croisette lip gloss. Love how you can easily combine everything with each other. Love Dior.

    • Hi Nawi,
      Wow, you picked up many products too!!
      The brown quint is super pretty, pigmented and smooth.. I was actually very tempted to get it!!
      And yes, totally agree with you, everything can be combined together easily =)

  2. Hi Joey,
    Initially I wanted to get the aurora but in the end I decided not to get it. I love Tan and Sunset as they are very creamy and rich in color. I am tempted to get the turquoise eyeliner as well, can you suggest how to apply this kind of color?

    • Hi Meryl,
      The turquoise eyeliner looks absolutely amazing as an accent..
      Keep rest of the face simple..
      I have some pictures wearing the liner coming up, stay tuned!!

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