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Lunasol Nail Finish In EX 02 Navy, 04 Rose Beige & 05 Red

This Summer, Lunasol released a series of nail polishes. As a new fan of Lunasol, I was really excited – I picked up three shades.

EX 02 Navy is a limited edition shade, 04 Rose Beige and 05 Red will be added to their permanent range. Though new to the brand, I thought it’s quite unusual for Lunasol to make a blue nail colour – the BA confirms my thought, she thinks it’s rare too. Here’s a quick post to showcase the colours and textures.

Each bottle of Lunasol Nail Finish retails at S$23.50 for 10ml of product, made in Japan.

EX 02 Navy is a muted glaucous, a blue with grey undertone in cream finish. It doesn’t contains any form of shimmer. Texture is creamy, nice and thick but uneven during the first coat of application.

Chanel Blue Boy has more grey and Dior Blue Denim is deeper and brighter.

04 Rose Beige is a soft petal puce shade in cream finish. This is probably my favourite shade amongst the three. Texture is spectacular, even and easy to work with.

05 Red is a bright red with a hint of cherry – very cheerful and loud. This shade is less opaque than the rest, it gives a semi-translucent sort of finish.


All the shades are not particularly unique. EX 02 Navy is a disappointment as there is definitely room for improvement for its formula.

I am loving every bit of 04 Rose Beige. It’s a very pretty colour and I think it will look flattering across many skin tones. It’s easy to wear, work-friendly – if I don’t know what colour to paint, this would be the one.

As for 05 Red, I like it too but I wish it to be slightly more opaque.

Thank you for looking.

All swatches swatched on bare nails without base nor top coat with 2 coats of nail colours.

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