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Dior Violets Hypnotiques Nail Collection


Christian Dior described purple as a demanding and sophisticated shade: the “king of colours”.

This favourite colour now makes its mark as a weapon of seduction with the three new Les Violets Hypnotiques limited-edition nail polishes. From the iconic lilac worn by the couturier’s muse Mitzah Bricard to the deepest aubergine shade adorning the legendary bottle of the Poison fragrance, purple comes in endless shapes and forms in the Dior world.

Floral, it is a fashion echo of the mysterious beauty of the iris and clematis. Radiant, it slips into Couture collections and unfurls the infinite richness of its shades in the chromatic palettes of Dior makeup.

With this exclusive collection, the House of Dior offers a trio of hypnotic, elegant and captivating purples:

The deep, enchanting purple of Poison.

The sensual, luminous aubergine shade of Orchid.

Its intense, shimmering version in Shadow.

The three “Les Violets Hypnotiques” nail lacquers by Dior were made available from February 2012 in the Christian Dior boutique at 30 avenue Montaigne as well as selected retailers worldwide.

This trio launched some time last month if I remember correctly and they can be found exclusively at Isetan Scotts – this collection is similar to Dior Les Rouges released last year but this time, its focus is purple. I couldn’t decide if I should get them because this time round, there were no testers (I think). But the colours look so attractive in their bottles.

Anyway, I bought them and here’s a quick post with swatches and some thoughts for you. Each bottle of Dior Le Vernis retails at S$37 for 10ml of product, made in France.

Let’s start off with 783 Shadow – a deep tone of purple with shimmer.

Texture is creamy and easy to apply – like most Dior nail polishes. Consistency is nice and thick in a good way. Two coats for optimum opacity and what I love about this shade is – the shimmer. The shimmer is very evenly distributed, I had no problems with them at all.

981 Orchid is the most anticipated shade of the three for me but I was quite disappointed with its texture. The consistency is nice and smooth but the colour simply refused apply evenly. With this shade, I have to be extremely patient to apply 3 thin, even coats to achieve what you see below.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge has a tad more red and brown as compared to 981 Orchid. ESSIE Carry On has more of a grey tinge and is deeper. OPI Pamplona Purple has more violet.

Lastly, 996 Poison – a deep dark ink colour with cream finish. Quality of this shade is some what in between the other two – it’s not as bad as 981 Orchid but not as fantastic as other Dior nail polishes I have.

2 coats provide full opacity, texture and consistency are easy to work with. Colour applies evenly for this shade but I am afraid, this shade is not quite as unique as I would like it to be – after comparing with other shade I have: it is quite similar to OPI Siberian Nights and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

Overall, I don’t regret getting them but they are not something you would want to splurge on unless you are a Dior fan, nail polish fanatic or you simply love purple nail polishes. I was really excited about them when I purchased them but after swatching them, my excitement kind of went down the drain – and that pretty much explains why this post is so late.

Did you pick up any of them? What are your thoughts about this trio? Check out the gorgeous swatches and review on Fashion Polish.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Dior Violets Hypnotiques Nail Collection

  1. Orchid is such a gorgeous color! Sadly the formula isn’t that good. Do you think this would be better of it’s layered over another creme polish? Do you think of any dupes for this?

    • Hi dear,
      It is a gorgeous shade..
      Layering over another cream polish might alter the shade in total, I haven’t tried tho..
      Rescue Beauty Lounge Moulin Rouge has a tad more red and brown as compared to Orchid..
      ESSIE Carry On has more of a grey tinge and is deeper..
      OPI Pamplona Purple has more violet..
      No exact dupe xx

  2. Shame the formulas on these didn’t really work for you. I love the finish though! They’re so glossy and shiny. Nothing a good top coat can’t achieve though

    • Hi Rachael,
      I am not sure about the release date in the US but I believe they were made available exclusively to Christian Dior boutique at 30 avenue Montaigne from Feb 2012..

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