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Introducing Shu Uemura NEW Glitter Eye Collection For Summer 2012

new sparkling glitters and creamy textures

One person can change their impression dramatically by makeup. Your own ever-changing palette is your ever-changing desires.

Introduced in 2011, Shu Uemura Color Atelier revolutionized the world of colour cosmetics with the freedom to customize palettes of limitless possibilities. By mixing and matching multiple colours, everyone can be their own artist.

The innovative, re-usable, sustainable palette unlocked the boundaries of makeup expression.

Now, color atelier continues pushing the borders of eye makeup creations with the debut of new glitter colours and brand new silky, creamy textures.

G Copper 261 | G Orange 251 | G Yellow 345 | P Soft Beige 823 | ME Soft Olive 433

G Blue Green 641 | G Blue 646 | G Purple 745 | G Pink 135 | P Soft Coral 121

10 new shades

In Summer, the surfaces of lakes transform into magical mirrors reflecting light and creating illusions. Inspired by this, Shu Uemura introduces sheer, shimmery and sparkling shades for the season.


Available in limited quantities, the beautiful sparkles of light reflections is captured in a custom quad palette.

by Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director

Sparkling Pink Palette for girly innocence and youthful charm.

Sparkling Sunrise Palette for romantic dreams and cheerful hopefulness.

Sparkling Breeze Palette for lively gatherings and nostalgic memories.

the debut of the new textures to dramatize your eyes

brand new innovative silky texture with long-lasting sparkles

Breakthrough by Shu Uemura, this brand new innovative silky texture boasts chiffon-soft texture that allows you to glide on long-lasting sparkles in a single sweep. Glitter sets instantly, creating a sparkly finish to accentuate and enhance eyes.

The breakthrough ‘silk chiffon technology’ alLows long-lasting, even application which does not flake. Suitable for layering over other eyeshadow colours or as a top coat.

G115 | G311 | G090

creamy texture that can be used for eyeshadow primer and definer

In 2 versatile varieties – either as a primer or for defining eyes. Priming range acts as a base for beautiful colour payoff. Eye-defining shades add dimensions to enhance the eyes.

New ‘surface smoothing technology’ creates smooth surface without trace of stickiness. Contains moisturizing, sebum-absorbing and mineral ingredients.

For eyeshadow primer or highlight P301 | P101 | P908

For eye definer P461 | P796 | P871

There are as many colours as women.

Mr Shu Uemura

Play with Shu Uemura unique 5 different textures for effortless blending to create your eye makeup fairy tale. Customize a palette which is uniquely yours with Shu Uemura innovative, refillable quad palette. Unlock limitless combinations of eye shadows from their full 71 shades.


  • Pressed Eyeshadows in 5 distinct textures – S$22
    matte M velvety smooth matte colour
    pearl Psilky reflection of light for luminous colour
    iridescent IR illusion of changing colours from different angles
    metallic ME soft and liquid-like with metallic glow
    glitter Gbountiful glitters for splendid sparkles
  • Glow OnS$33
    Adds a glow to your complexion, for long-lasting fresh colour.

  • Stretch Xtreme Precise Finish Waterproof MascaraS$50
    To achieve the dramatically stretch your lash length without clumping. Lashes are beautifully separated with NEW “flat & curve brush”.

  • Drawing Pencil (Limited Edition) – S$34
    A deep, intense pencil eyeliner that faultlessly rims eyes. Create the perfect pairing with the new glitter eyeshadows.
    • M Olive
    • M Copper Brown
  • Liquid Glitter Eyeliner (Limited Edition) – S$36
    Accentuate eyes with long-lasting sparkles with these glitter eyeliners. Use on its own for dramatic effect or pair with glitter eyeshadows for extra twinkle.
    • Sparkling Gold
    • Sparkling Silver

  • Eyebrow Manicure S$42
    Match your eyebrow colour with a smooth formula that coats each follicle evenly with silky shine.
    • Light Beige
    • Tawny Gold
    • Palm Beige
    • Honey Glaze
    • Ash Brown
  • Gold Eyelash Curler (Limited Edition) – S$32
    Iconic eyelash curler now exclusive in 24k gold body. Shu Uemura eyelash curler has received international acclaim and is beloved by makeup artists and celebrities worldwide.


Shu Uemura NEW Glitter Eye Collection For Summer 2012 is readily available at all Shu Uemura locations.

Thank you for reading.

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