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Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss In 560 Tan & 750 Sunset

The first eye gloss by Dior. Its wet shine and intense colours, with multi-faceted reflections, make eyes shimmer with a fresh finish. This stunning gel shadow instantly melts onto the eyelid, delivering a fresh effect. Its applicator leaves an even, glossy layer on the eyelid, in a single stroke.

The finish stays smooth and radiant all day long, regardless of the heat. This ultra-refreshing, extreme-hold formula is also water-resistant.


Each Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss retails at S$47 for 6ml of product, made in France.

Available in 4 shades, I picked up 560 Tan and 750 Sunset. I think both these shades are wearable on their own as well as together. I did a look featuring them a while ago, click here if you have missed it – loving the combination. Actually, I like Seashell and Azur as well but I think they need a little more work to be wearable on me – because they are more cooler.

These eye glosses comes in transparent plastic tubes with a doe-foot application, just like most lip glosses do. Because the tubes are clear, it’s a breeze picking out the colours (anyway, I only have two so it’s not that difficult after all). I am glad it comes with a doe-foot applicator instead of some fancy brush – brush applicators tend to stray in tubes after a while and I have to be extra careful when handling them.

  • 560 Tan – a beautiful mid-tone brown with multi-coloured shimmer
  • 750 Sunset – a stunning coral-beige with multi-coloured shimmer

These eye glosses have a gel-like consistency – somewhat similar to Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Cream Shadow but lighter and smoother in texture. Chanel Ombre Paupiéres Eyeshadow is a lot more liquified and watery. Laura Mercier Satinée Créme Eye Colour is creamier and thicker.

If I may compare, these eye glosses remind me of Chanel Rouge Allure Laque – smooth, glides on evenly and easily. It’s like mixing loose pigments with a drop of mixer.

Upon application, there’s a cooling sensation which I enjoy. With one single stroke, I am able to get an even distribution of colour and the colour payoff is quite amazing. Although the shades are filled with sparkles, the texture is still smooth and nice, not gritty at all.

The product takes a while to settle down which means I get enough time to blend and soften the edges with either my fingers or a brush. From my experience, I think both MAC 242 and Sephora IT Cream Shadow Brush #235 are perfect for blending and softening the edges of these eye glosses.

Much like the Chanel Ombre Paupiéres Eyeshadow, the Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss dries down with a sparkling wet-look and a powdery feel. The colour reminds pretty much the same (it doesn’t turn dull or anything like that).

Although Dior claims that this product has an extreme-hold formula and is also water-resistant, I suggest applying an eyeshadow primer prior to applying the eye glosses. Also, try to avoid rubbing your eyes after application because the sparkles will rub off like powder eyeshadows.

Despite the lack of longevity, I still love them because they are so easy to apply and blend – effortless seems to be the right word.

The colours can be layered on for extra intensity without looking nor feeling cakey – I usually apply a thin layer at a time to avoid any complications. All in all, they lasted throughout the day for me with a little help of a primer. Without a primer, I noticed some fading at end of the day. I did not experience any creasing with or without a primer – I don’t usually have problems with cream products creasing.

Overall, an easy product to use, blend and pair with other eye products – the sparkles are beautiful and I am loving them.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss In 560 Tan & 750 Sunset

    • Hi Ra,
      They are gorgeous aren’t they?
      Hmm.. so far, they are still looking and feeling very new, no drying at all but I guess it’s too early to tell at the moment..

    • They are!!
      You got to check them out but you might not like them because they are not totally smudge-proof..
      I didn’t experience any creasing but I don’t usually have problems with creasing..

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