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BOSS Bottled Sport – Ready For The Challenge

Jenson Button

BOSS Fragrances announces the launch of the third addition to their BOSS BOTTLED. portfolio, BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Whether preparing for success in his day or night ahead, BOSS BOTTLED. and BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. have provided the BOSS man with confidence to succeed.

BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. is a fresh, stimulating and unmistakably masculine scent that helps him to focus and mentally prepare for any challenge that lies ahead of him.

The BOSS man is primed to succeed – competitive, driven and ambitious. For him, success us bit attained by chance but achieved through considered mental preparation. The new scent features a vigorous composition of captivating citrus top notes combined with clean, fresh heart notes over an aromatic, woody base.

The result – a high-tech, energetic fragrance providing the perfect preparation for the challenge ahead.

The face of the fragrance and star of the TV and print advertising campaign, is no other than Formula 1™ World Champion Jenson Button who is no stranger to HUGO BOSS since he has been enjoying a long-term collaboration with the brand through the McLaren team. Known for his ability to focus, his flair for control as well as personifying a man who has repeatedly found success through mental preparation, Jenson Button is the natural choice to front BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT.

For me it’s very exciting to be working with BOSS Fragrances. It’s something I’ve really been looking forward to. It’s an iconic campaign. Also the idea behind it, mental preparation; it’s something that I go through year in year out whether training or racing.

If you’re not mentally prepared then you’re always going to struggle. F1 is full of talented drivers but it’s the mental preparation that can really make the difference in Formula 1™.

Jenson Button

BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. – Performance in a Bottle

Carbon fibre, used by competitive sportsmen from multiple disciplines for its supreme endurance and high–performance, inspired the formulation of BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. High-tech in its construction, this fragrance allows the BOSS man to sharpen his senses, mentally prepare and be ready for the challenges ahead.

  • TOP NOTES – Sharpening the senses
    The immediate hit of the sharp citrus top notes of grapefruit, yuzu zest and pink peppercorn heightens the senses helping increase the mind and body reflexes.
  • HEART NOTES – The power of mind
    Lavender and cardamom, combined with aldehydic mist are the driving force behind the fragrance, empowering the mind with its motivating, high–tech metallic properties.
  • BASE NOTES – Physical endurance
    The overt masculinity and staying power of vetyver, tonka bean and patchouli in the base note ensures an unwavering and persistent path to success.

Mental preparation is one’s own personal time where you use past experiences to shape the future.

Jenson Button


  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Eau de Toilette – S$68, 30ml
  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Eau de Toilette – S$93, 50ml
  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Eau de Toilette – S$122, 100ml
  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. After-Shave Lotion – S$100, 100ml
  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Shower Gel – S$37, 150ml
  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Deo Spray – S$37, 150ml
  • BOSS BOTTLED. SPORT. Deo Stick – S$37, 75ml

Thank you for looking.

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