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Lancôme Teint Miracle Compact Foundation

Hello everyone, I would like to share my thoughts about the Lancôme Teint Miracle Compact Foundation with you today. Formally introduced in this post, the Lancôme Teint Miracle Compact Foundation is a new addition to the Teint Miracle Range which has integrated the Aura-Inside™ technology, the exclusive signature of Teint Miracle, in a compact formula.

Teint Miracle Compact retails at S$65 for the refill and S$27 for the casing. I believe you can now purchase the Dual Sponge at an affordable price of only S$3 from all local Lancôme counters.

Let’s start with the foundation casing – which I think is really innovative, pretty and convenient. It is slim and very lightweight. It comes with a reflective cover which I use as a mirror for a quick glance of myself sometimes. But it’s a finger print magnet and it looks rather worn off in a matter of weeks if you keep it inside your makeup pouch. Mine has scratches all over.

This foundation casing also features a magnetic closure which is secure, flips open easily and it feels really modern and chic to use.

The best part of this design is – the refill. It comes in a cassette form which pops right into the casing and snaps tightly with a latch until you are ready for a change. No glue, no poking through the hole with a needle or having a hard time trying to peel of the sticky label at the back of the packaging.

With this, it’s fuss-free – back of the refill has all the information you need, the shade etc. Two thumbs up for this incredibly smart design, am loving it.

The product itself, doesn’t smell of anything in particular and the Lancôme rose imprint is so pretty to admire. The powder feels very soft and smooth on the skin, the pigment is very finely milled and lightweight.

I would say that this foundation provides a sheer-medium coverage. It’s enough to even up my skin tone, conceal a fair bit of redness and spots but if I want a more flawless look, I would have to reach out for a concealer. From my experiences, the coverage is buildable yet doesn’t feels cakey at all.

I find the best method to apply this foundation is to use the velvety side for application (press and roll) – in fact this applies to most powder foundation. Load the sponge up with a decent amount of product each time – don’t worry about blending, let your skin absorb the powder and lightly dust off the access. This way, you can achieve higher coverage and a smoother, pore-less surface.

In the set of pictures below, I am wearing only the compact foundation with concealer under the eyes. Taken without flash, indoor with natural day light. In case you are wondering, I was matched to the shade BO-02 – which is the same shade as my Teint Miracle Foundation.

In the set of pictures below, extracted from this look – I have used the Teint Miracle Compact Foundation to set my Teint Miracle Foundation for a fuller and more flawless finish.

The Lancôme Teint Miracle Compact Foundation has a satiny finish – an almost soft-focus quality to it which is natural and beautiful. Although I still have to blot every few hours, I am quite impressed with the oil control properties of this compact when worn alone. Blotting to stay shine-free is a must for me in Singapore.

I would recommend this product to

If you have good skin with very little to conceal, I reckon you will appreciate the coverage of this foundation a lot more than those who are looking for a compact foundation that does it all.

I didn’t experience any breakouts during the testing period and I enjoy using this compact foundation on its own during the day – say a casual lunch with friends or a day where I only need something to even up my skin tone and brighten up my complexion. Compact foundations are quicker in my opinion if I am in a rush too.

On most occasions, I tend to use this compact foundation over a liquid foundation for more coverage and this combination has been one of my go-to routines for the past couple of months. It’s simple, natural and fool-proof. I know I will never go wrong with this combo. And I know this set will provide me enough coverage for the day, make my skin appear smooth and radiant.

I also use this compact foundation for touch-ups around my nose, chin and forehead throughout the day. Texture is light thus I didn’t experience any caking.

Overall, if you like the Teint Miracle Foundation, you will like this too.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Lancôme Teint Miracle Compact Foundation

  1. Hi, find the liquid foundie a little too glowy on my face… let me try again! Left a comment/question on your Dior bronzers page… What eyeshadow were you wearing for those shots?

    • Hi Pearl,
      Sorry for the late reply – it’s NARS Lhasa only, smudged with black eyeliner along the lash line =)
      I find setting the liquid foundation with their same-range loose powder or this compact foundation gives the best finish!!

  2. Hello! I would like to ask whether this control oil better or the maqui blanc miracle powder when wore alone without liquid foundation? Thanks!

  3. Thanks… I had guessed that too… I love my Lhasa too! I tried Dior Nude skin foundie with Lancome tient compact… and finishing was flawless!

  4. It has been the only compact I use since it was launched, not yet my holy grail compact, but the best among the rest I own, mind you, I have too many compacts……

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