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Loving RMK Nail Colours

Hello everyone, hope all of you are well and that you have enjoyed my India Travelogue. This afternoon, I would like to share my love for all the five RMK nail colours I currently own with you. I do apologise for the lack of photos as I have been really busy lately and am hardly at home during the day for photo taking.

I hope you enjoy the swatches.

Each bottle of RMK Nail Colour EX retails at S$25 for 12ml of product, made in Japan.

RMK CL-01 Beige Nail Colour EX

Beautiful neutral beige that is neither too pink nor too brown, too cool nor too warm – with a cream finish. For the past couple of months, whenever I am in a rush to decide what nail colour to wear, this has been my go-to shade. It’s versatile enough to be worn with most of my clothings which is a major plus.

This shade also goes well with my skin tone and no matter what sort of makeup look I go for, this set of nails seems to blend in well.

RMK P-21 Deep Purple Rose Nail Colour EX

A deep, rich mix of red and magenta with a cream finish. This shade is gorgeous and very wearable in my opinion because it’s not too in-your-face, not too bright but still carries the oomph – crisp and sharp in a subtle way. Slightly vampy but not really. I think this shade is very edgy and chic.

My wardrobe contains mainly black, grey and white clothings – I am extremely boring but I have been shopping for some flora tops, blazers and even pants lately. This shade of purple goes well with pastel corals, pinks or even flowery tops and bottoms.

Having this shade on my nails kind of pull everything together. Lovely. This is the kind of shade I would wear if I don’t want a red.

RMK P-22 Red Nail Colour EX

Bright, hot chilli red with a cream finish. I feel that red nail colours never go out-of-date, always so classy and always so glamorous. This red is clean and sharp, a pleasure to apply too – it’s nice and smooth, applies evenly and streak-free.

Other than wearing nudes when I am out of idea, red is another one of my go-to shades especially for my toes. Red toes always look beautiful and it matches 99% of my foot wear. From flip-flops to classy peep toe pumps, from blacks to browns, whites to nudes. Makes my feet and toes looks clean, bright and happy.

RMK SH-04 Shiny Rose Nail Colour EX

A frosty pink base with multi-coloured shimmery flecks. This range of glittery shades happen to swatch the most opaque and have a thicker consistency – in a good way of course. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. Possibly a one-coater if you are in a hurry.

This is a very feminine shade to me, very young, girly and dreamy at the same time. A very casual colour for me, like putting on a pair of denim shorts and a white tee for brunch over the weekend sort of affair.

RMK EX-06 Green Nail Colour EX

A complex blend of green which I would describe as a pistachio green with golden micro shimmers. I believe this is a limited edition shade released last Fall and I didn’t managed to get my hands on them – literally sold out everywhere I went.

Many thanks to dear Mag who kindly gifted me this bottle of ecstasy for my birthday. It’s like a dream come true and I couldn’t believe it.

This kind of shade is like a break-away shade for me. When I want something more quirky, more out-of-the-box – I turn to my range of greens, greys and blues. When I have these shades on my nails, I feel more adventurous for some reason.


So far, I have been really impressed with all the 5 RMK nail polishes. They are smooth and applies easily without streaking nor being patchy. Their entire range of colours are quite amazing too.

From the swatches, you might be able to tell, not all their shades are totally opaque. From certain angles, you can still see my nail line but generally, two coats is sufficient – add another thin coat for that extra kick if you wish. All swatches above without base nor top coat, taken under natural day light without flash.

I would also like to thank Kas for introducing me to this lovely range of nail polishes.

Have you tried RMK nail polishes before? If so, what do you think about them? I think they are absolutely lovely and are definitely worth a look – I think they are priced very reasonably too.

Thank you for looking.

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