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Launch Of SK-II Men In Singapore

2 weeks ago, I attended the launch of SK-II MEN at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands. I feel really honoured to be part of this historical moment, not to mention that I feel extremely lucky too – to be able to see Asia’s first male supermodel – Godfrey Gao, as the SK-II MEN ambassador, up close and personal.

He is really, really tall and ahem, handsome – looks even better in real life plus he has incredible skin.

For more information about the new SK-II MEN skincare range, please refer to my introductory post here, I have updated the post with prices and availability.

I was very unfashionably late for this event – my meeting ended late and I was caught in the traffic for 2.5 hours. Gosh, since when Singapore’s traffic became this bad? There were 3 accidents on my way to MBS. Thank goodness, I managed to reach just in time for the opening speech.

Our host for the night was Utt, one of the most popular broadcast personalities in Southeast Asia – who is also one of the three SK-II MEN personalities.

Godfrey Gao and Sheila Sim.

I love SK-II MEN skincare range’s packaging. My photo above is from my Instagram – totally doesn’t do any justice to them. The packaging seems normal but the colour they chose is super chic – a little maroon from the brand plus a little brown and black. It’s a unique colour and I am fascinated by it – as a designer, I feel extremely inspired with this tone.

With the lovely ladies, Mag and Sophia. Many thanks to Sophia’s brother for helping us with the pictures.

Shall end this post with a little update about the SK-II MEN skincare range. The boyfriend, Mak, has started using it since last night. I will keep track of his progress and hopefully convince him to help me with a review. Fingers cross.

Thank you for looking.

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