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FANCL Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing)


No longer are modern-day ladies just domestic goddesses but also corporate head honchos in a lipstick jungle. A regular work week is no longer confined to an office space with a fixed schedule but rather on board long-haul flights and meeting rooms, sacrificing holidays and weekends for many obligations like motherhood and business management.

As times are changing, convenience and efficiency evolve to become trump cards in the beauty world today. With FANCL Limited Edition Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing), working women now have the power to transform frazzled skin into a velvet smooth complexion with minimal effort.


With FANCL’s Beauty Facial Treatment, maintenance is now no longer a time-consuming issue. Loaded with the goodness of serum, this multi-tasking mask provides benefits of a professional facial for women everywhere in the comfort of their homes, convenient and time-efficient.

Developed in accordance to FANCL’s additive-free belief, MUTENKA, all of FANCL’s products are made only with potent ingredients that are essential to rein in the natural beauty of your skin without causing it any stress.

Vitamin E Capsule is a key ingredient that gives skin a radiant glow by reducing yellow skin pigmentations. It also targets dullness, lackluster complexion and encourages skin turnover. Fresh Royal Jelly Essence enhances skin metabolism, packing new skin cells together to give soft and supple skin. This vital ingredient also prevents further accumulation of dead skin cells, leaving skin looking youthful.

The limited edition rinse-off facial mask also contains European Pear Extract that softens and sloughs away dead skin cells, revitalizing skin’s clarity and radiance.

FANCL’s Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing) promises a fuss free procedure. Just follow these easy steps;-

  • Pat face dry after facial wash
  • Squeeze the entire content of the tube onto a clean palm
  • Spread content evenly on entire face, gently massaging all your features including the delicate eye and mouth area for a minute
  • Leave mask on for three minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Use once or twice a week as needed

In the past couple of months, FANCL released a range of limited edition skincare products – from creams to masks and I will be sharing quick thoughts on their Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing) in this post.

Comes in a box of 6 tubes, I like to keep them in the refrigerator so they are nice and cold when I use them.

This mask contains serum and it’s suppose to rejuvenate our skin in just 3 minutes – a rather impressive time frame for brighter and smoother skin while most of my other masks require at least 5-10 minutes of waiting time.

The texture is smooth and creamy, applies easily with a brush. It doesn’t smell of anything in particular. Because the dosage is pre-packed, that made application a lot easier as I do not have to measure how much to apply. Each tube is for 1 application and I like to bring it all the way down to my neck.

Upon application, it feels cooling (because I keep them chilled) – it feels very nice due to the hot weather in Singapore. By the time I finished washing my brush, it’s time to remove the mask. During application, there is no tingling sensation or whatsoever.

The “during” picture you see above is before massaging. I normally squeeze the entire tube into a bowl and apply with a brush. After spreading the mask onto my entire face, I gently massage my face in circular motions. The yellow beads you see, will pop and melt into my skin as I massage.

Leave for 3 minutes and I use a pair of facial sponges soaked in lukewarm water to remove.

After removing the mask, my skin feels more supple, more moist, looks more translucent, more radiant and visibly brighter. I avoid washing my face after masking, this mask doesn’t leave any cast, oily residue nor film on my skin. It also preps my skin for foundation application afterwards.

The Overview

I like how much benefits this mask alone contains and 3 minutes for all the goodness to happen is incredible. I have used up 5 tubes to date and I have enjoyed each masking session. This mask provides the same effects throughout the 5 sessions but I guess it’s too soon to tell if it will provide any long-term solutions to pigmentations and dull skin.

I would recommend this product to

Anyone and everyone looking for an instant fix with minimum time and effort. I think this mask is brilliant as it’s gentle enough to be used around the eye and lip areas. It’s a mask that does it all and it only takes 3 minutes.

It’s currently my SOS mask – I love using it after a stressful day, a long day with makeup on, just before an important night out or early in the morning where I had just a few hours of sleep the previous night. I think it brightens up my skin instantly and help keep my skin look radiant and awake. And I think the massaging helps too.

These individually packed masks are handy for travels as well.


FANCL’s Limited Edition Beauty Facial Treatment Mask (Vitalizing) retails at S$58 for a box of 6 tubes, available at all FANCL stores island-wide.

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