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A Bit Here & A Little There

Hello everyone, are all of you on Instagram yet? It’s such an amazing platform to share pictures and here, I have mostly pictures taken from my Instagram profile. Hope you enjoy a bit here and a little there.

Very rarely I shop for accessories but these Pandora stacking rings are so beautiful – I actually spent about an hour stacking varies sets on my fingers, I couldn’t decide which ones to get and which combination works. I took a break, walked around and finally decided to pick up what you see here.

I love that this combination can bring me from casual to glam – silver, black onyx and a tiny touch of gold makes this set timeless and classy.

Have been a little naughty lately – have been snacking on foreign goodies my dear friends brought back. Lovely snacks and I can only long for more since none of them are available in Singapore. If you know where I can get them, please let me know?

I love tea breaks, coffee breaks – whatever you want to call them. I usually don’t take breakfast and have lunch appointments, so the best time to chill and relax – is tea time, around 3:30pm in the afternoon. TWG is one of my favourite places to hang out for a cup of tea and their scones are amazing.

Arteastiq is a pretty comfy place for tea too, overlooking the lush greenery and colourful seatings make me feel as if I am on a vacation.

Shoes – one of girls’ best friend. I got to admit, I haven’t had much luck with shoes. I love peep toe pumps, pumps and heels but it’s really difficult to find one that measures at least 3 inches and is comfortable.

Nine West is one of my favourite shoe shops around. I find their sandals, wedges and shoes to be more comfortable. But sadly, I had to say good-bye to one of my most comfy footwear below – it’s falling apart after 1.5 years but they have served me well and walked many miles in varies countries with me.

I am still on the hunt for a similar pair of heels. Can’t seem to find a good replacement.

I have been going pretty light on makeup recently. I guess I haven’t really been in the mood for heavy eyeshadows lately, mostly browns, eyeliner and false eyelashes. When night falls and when I want to give my exhausted face a push, I put on some bright lipsticks.

Big red rose ring from the Bellabox After-Work Party I attended. The colour is so sharp and matches the nails I had on that day – which is Estée Lauder Pure Red (one of my favourite red nail colour).

In the second picture below, I had the timeless classic Chanel Graphite on. And in the last picture, I had Deborah Lippmann Naked (one of my favourite nude nail colour) on as a base, layer a coat of ESSIE Luxe Effects A Cut Above, followed by Inglot 201.

Speaking of the Pandora stacking rings earlier in this post, I have also picked up the Givenchy Large Pandora Messenger Bag. It’s black with gold details – absolutely loving it. I have been speaking about it since last year and it’s nice to finally have it.

This will be my new everyday bag. I think it’s time for my Prada to retire after using it for over 2 years.

Have you watched The Amazing Spider-Man? Oh my, I actually thought of skipping it but when I met up with my girlfriends, they said it’s good. And I heard it on the radio that it’s amazing. It is amazing and I think you will like it. The story line is quite emotionally driven and there were parts I cried.

It’s Gold Class worthy.

Fall collections are almost swinging in, are you all excited?

Thank you for looking.

10 thoughts on “A Bit Here & A Little There

  1. Hi Joey, will you be able to provide the price range of the Pandora rings? Thank you! As always, I enjoy reading your posts.

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