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Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Enriched Lip Luminizer In 204 Peach Blink & 213 Mulled Wine

Earlier this year, Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ introduced a range of Enriched Lip Luminizer which promises fuller and more stunning lips with each use. These dessert-inspired shades and sumptuous texture made me crave for more as they lavishly bathes my lips in luxurious luster.

Each retails at S$80 refill / S$30 holder and it contains 2g of product, made in Japan.

This range of Enriched Lip Luminizer has replaced their previous range of Extra Silky Lipstick which retails at S$105. For more information about the new range, please refer to this post.

Unlike the Extra Silky Lipsticks, this new range comes with a refill and holder, sold separately. It actually works out to be cheaper if you only buy one holder and slot the refill in as and when you need to use it. Note that the refill itself cannot function without the holder.

The new packaging features an internal dial and is slightly wider in circumference and heavier. It presents a sleeker appearance and looks more chic with the gold trimming. Performs a little more sturdy as compared to the previous version too.

The only draw back is – if I have 10 refills fitted into 10 holders, I wouldn’t know which is which as it doesn’t come with any labels. And the packaging is fully opaque, impossible to take a peek unless I open them one by one.

Fitting the refill into the holder is quick and easy. The refill slides into the holder and snaps right into place with sound of a click. It’s tight and secure – ready to go. The cap fits onto the bottom tightly but it’s still easy to open – very well constructed holder.

204 Peach Blink is a soft, juicy apricot peach – natural and subtle with a touch of warmth. I am in love with this shade and the glowy sheen makes my lips look healthy and moist. This shade is absolutely stunning during the day – wearable everyday, every occasion.

213 Mulled Wine is a more pronounce tone of dusty rose with a touch of brown sugar. This shade is slightly more mature and grown up in my opinion. This shade looks incredibly flattering during the night, elegant and sophisticated – a great alternative to having full-on red lips.

Swatches below taken under natural day light, without flash.

One more look at the Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Enriched Lip Luminizer in 204 Peach Blink & 213 Mulled Wine in the following pictures.

Which do you prefer? I personally love Peach Blink a lot more because it looks fresher on me and more well suited to my everyday makeup routine. Mulled Wine is some sort of a special occasion lip colour for me and I will probably pair it with a set of very natural eyes.

Very mildly scented, these Enriched Lip Luminizers are my best friend especially during days when I have very dry lips. Their texture is ultra silky and smooth, glides on perfectly onto my dry lips, making my lips look fuller, more moist and keep them looking fresh and hydrated.

I feel that these newly formulated lipsticks are more moisturizing than the previous version.

The formula melts onto my lips, fills up every flaw and all the fine lines. Besides the texture and formulation, I also love the fact that it has a very healthy, glossy finish. All of that feels light and comfortable on the lips.

Both shades contain ultra fine micro-shimmers, they don’t feel gritty nor rough on the lips, barely visible too.

However, due to the softness of the lipstick, I reckon it won’t take too long before finishing a tube – to add to that, these lipsticks are not long-lasting, touching up is required after a meal. Even the deeper shade didn’t create a stain on my lips – good or bad depends on your personal preference.

I know it’s a pretty steep option to shell out S$80 for a lipstick, well, a total of S$110 including the holder but it you are looking to indulge yourself in pure luxury, this is for you. Thumbs up to the new formulation, packaging and array of delightful shades.

Below are all the 20 shades available at the moment for you. I do apologize for the quality of lighting.

From left to right:

  • 201 – Sweet Lychee
  • 202 – Fig Tart
  • 203 – Chocolate Truffle
  • 204 – Peach Blink
  • 205 – Rhubarb and Custard

From left to right:

  • 206 – Watermelon Sugar
  • 207 – Redcurrant Jam
  • 208 – Turkish Delight
  • 209 – Cherry Pie
  • 210 – Strawberry Lassi

From left to right:

  • 211 – Pomegranate Nectar
  • 212 – Blackberry Crush
  • 213 – Mulled Wine
  • 214 – Sweet Sharp Shock
  • 215 – Plum Pudding

From left to right:

  • 216 – Ginger Snap
  • 217 – Summer Pudding
  • 218 – Nutty Nougat
  • 219 – Walnut Whip
  • 220 – Honey Nut

Sweet Lychee creates a barely there ” feel” for those who are seeking a nudish, my-lips-but-better appearance. Strawberry Lassi is a sweet, ultra-feminine pink which makes your lips look naturally healthy. Depending on your natural lip colour, Watermelon Sugar and/or Sweet Sharp Shock gives the illusion of plump, juicy, just-bitten lips – very sexy in my opinion.

Which are your favourite shades?

Thank you for reading, have a great day ahead.

14 thoughts on “Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Enriched Lip Luminizer In 204 Peach Blink & 213 Mulled Wine

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      CdP has the most luxurious lipsticks and eyeshadows!!
      I know exactly what you mean..
      Am building up my CdP collection very slowly, surely not a brand I can purchase 10 items at one time..
      A few must-try for you – Concealer, Eye Color Quad and Extra Rich Lipstick =)
      Good-to-try – Loose Powder and this range of Enriched Lip Luminizer..

  1. These look so nice. I love that type of texture in a lipstick. I’m currently loving Lipstick Queen lipsticks and I noticed that the texture is quite similar to this, very glaze-like and forgiving on dry lips 🙂

    Will definitely take a peek at Cle de Peau when I get the chance. Thanks for sharing these nice swatches Joey. A refill-able lipstick is kind of cool 🙂

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