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Illamasqua Generation Q Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 – Meet Mairi

Hello everyone, today, I have the latest installment of Illamasqua Generation Q Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 for you. You can read more about the collection HERE.

After meeting Evelyn, let’s meet Mairi.

Mairi is 39 years old and from Edinburgh, Scotland where she works as a freelance make-up artist after spending a long time working and snowboarding in the French Alps.

Here are some soundbites from Mairi that I thought you would be interested in reading…

I was fascinated with make-up at a very early age, I started copying looks on myself, icons like Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgewick, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry (one of my favourites!) and I loved experimenting with colours and always wearing my “cats eyes”.

I love finding new products and experimenting with them.

[Having discovered she was chosen for AW12 Generation Q collection] I was in total shock, I thought it was a joke! I was absolutely delighted to find out I’d won the Illamasqua make-up too!

Having my make-up done by Alex Box was a real privilege, she really is one of my real life heroes, I love her work, so I was well chuffed to have had it done, and I felt sexy and confident after getting my hair and make-up done by such a lovely team.

[On Illamasqua using real people in the campaign] I think it’s a great idea to use real people for your campaigns, it’s raw and exciting, because age doesn’t matter – it’s how you feel on the inside that does, if you are confident about you look, it shows.

Thank you for looking, till the next update.

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