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Dior Vernis In Metallic Silver & Electric Blue From Anselm Reyle Collection

I stumbled upon Dior Anselm Reyle Collection at Takashimaya one day and was drawn straight to their nail polishes. When I received the press release, it states that these nail polishes were sold in a set of 5. Out of the 5, I am only interested in 2 so I decided to pass. Surprisingly, they are sold separately.

Each retails at S$37 for 10ml of product, made in France. Sold exclusively at Takashimaya.

Metallic Silver is a complex blacken silver-grey with a tinge of teal shimmer. Depending on lighting and angle, this shade reflects the tinge of teal beautifully. Texture is smooth and consistency is easy to work with. This shade is opaque in 2 coats and coats the nails with a silky, lustrous and shiny finish.

Electric Blue is a bright pop of azure blue, clean and crisp, sharp and define. It has a cream finish with very subtle, almost undetectable micro-shimmer. Consistency of this shade is slightly more difficult to work with – colour doesn’t spread evenly in the first coat. However, 2 even, thin coats do the trick.

Texture of this shade is almost jelly-like, smooth, nice and thick (in a good way).

Despite the extra work needed for this shade, it’s surely worth it.

If you are a Giorgio Armani fan, love trying foundations or if you are still trying to find the right foundation – Giorgio Armani’s NEW Maestro Fusion Makeup (pictured above) might be the one. I have not test driven it yet but it looks promising during the demonstration yesterday at the press event.

More details on the new foundation coming up on this blog. Stay tuned if you are interested.

Thank you for reading, TGIF.

6 thoughts on “Dior Vernis In Metallic Silver & Electric Blue From Anselm Reyle Collection

  1. Hi Joey =)
    is metallic silver looks like Chanel graphite? I am glad the formula of these polish works fine for you, sometimes I find Dior polish is too streaky.

    • Morning dear,
      Dior Metallic Silver leans more teal whereas Chanel Graphite leans green-ish and is less dark/black.
      Metallic Silver is easy to work with, Electric Blue can be streaky.

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