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The Birth Of A Celebrity – Mon Shu Girl

Good morning everyone, today, Shu Uemura is excited to share with you the birth of a celebrity – Mon Shu Girl.

Mon Shu Girl is Karl Lagerfeld’s creation for Shu Uemura and is named “Mon Shu Uemura” which means my darling Shu Uemura in French. Above is Karl Lagerfeld’s sketch – created entirely by using Shu Uemura products.

Below is a video of her introduction to the world.

Bonjour! Hello! Konichiwa! I am mon shu girl, Karl Lagerfeld was so inspired by shu uemura and Japanese manga, he created me. I am on a mission to bring beauty to girls all around the world!

Lately, I’ve been curious and eager to pop out the atelier of Karl.

The entire collection is a touching homage to Shu Uemura with the color selection and package design entirely directed by Karl Lagerfeld who also photographed the visual campaign.

The delightful “Mon Shu Girl” collection is a celebration of Japanese pop and European chic.

An optimistic ode to beauty and fashion “Mon Shu Girl” is an icon of contemporary cuteness born from Karl Lagerfeld’s personal brand of European finesse and Shu Uemura’s Tokyo flair-a festive and fun gift to you for the 2012 holiday.

Click here for more information about the upcoming Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura holiday collection.

Thank you for looking.

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