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My Skincare Routine [Day]

Slightly later than last year, I think I am finally ready to share my skincare routine with all of you. You may want to read about my skincare routine last year HERE (if you haven’t) before reading rest of this entry to give you a better idea of my skin’s history and type etc.

I think skincare is very subjective and personal, like mentioned in my previous post, what works for me may not work for you so please take this series of posts with a pinch of salt. My skincare routine this year includes more products and is slightly more complicating than last year’s so I have separated them into two parts – Day and Night.

At times, I feel that my own skin is the most difficult and complicating thing to understand. The more I try to treat a problem, the worst it becomes.

After going round and round, I am quite certain to say, less is more.

Through time, I realized that my skin has changed. I used to have oily skin during my teenage years which resulted in acne. Then, there was a period of time where I had good skin, could be due to the weather in the UK. After returning, my skin felt dry and dehydrated.

Let’s take a look at what’s in my daily day care routine. Do share what’s in yours if you wish to.


Cleansing is very important as it helps remove excess oil and impurities, dirt and bacteria. Some cleansers leave a film-like residue which I don’t like. Some cleansers leave my skin feeling tight and dry which I don’t like either.

Am happy to find the following cleansers leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh, without feeling dry and tight. Personally, I prefer foaming cleansers because they make my skin feels cleaner.

If I am staying in for the day, I will use a foam cleanser plus a little 20 seconds massage to wake me up.

Both of the following foam cleansers are pretty new in the market. In fact, the Ettusais Foamy Rich Mousse will only launch in August – I received this bottle of press sample last week and have included it into my daily routine.

  • Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Porefinist Gentle Foaming Cleansing Water [S$55 for 150ml, made in Japan]
  • Ettusais Foamy Rich Mousse* [S$32 for 180g, made in Japan]

Whenever I am not staying in, as soon as I get out of bed, I will jump straight into the shower. Showering in the morning freshens me up instantly – I always enjoy a nice, hot shower.

I also enjoy spending a minute with my Clarisonic Mia – this device also help create rich foam which I love having.

  • Origins™ Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser [S$50 for 150ml, made in Belgium]
    This citrus filled foaming cleanser wakes me up instantly. Although I am not a big fan of fruity scents, I enjoy its burst of freshness in the morning. With or without using my Clarisonic Mia, this cleanser foams up quickly and easily – a little goes a long way.


For me, toning is one of the most essential steps. I apply a toner as soon as I get out of my shower, when the pores are still open – I feel that it’s more effective this way, product gets absorbed into the skin faster and the toner helps close up the pores – prepares skin for the next step.

  • Origins™ Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Treatment Lotion [S$55 for 200ml, made in UK]


Eye care has become one of my top priorities in recent years and I rotate many eye creams. Some, I prefer to use during the day and some specifically for the night. Below are some eye creams I like using during the day because they are lighter in texture.

While the toner is drying, I apply my eye cream. I massage the product between my ring fingers and gently pat onto my under eye area. When the area is covered with eye cream, I give it a gentle 10 seconds massage.

  • Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo [S$120 for 15ml + 4g, made in France]
    Texture of this eye cream is not quite as lightweight as the other two but because it comes with an illuminator, I feel that it’s more appropriate to use it during the day. The eye cream itself is lightly scented, rich and has a firm hold – it feels extremely luxe on the eye area. Despite the texture being a little thick, it doesn’t feel heavy and makeup goes on perfectly well. On good days, I am able to use the illuminator to brighten up my under eye area without having to use any concealer.
  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado [S$57 for 14ml, made in USA]
    This eye cream has one of the most unique texture I have ever came across. As mentioned in my May Favourites post, this eye cream breaks down into a watery substance which is absorbed quickly into the eye area. I usually use this when my under eye area feels dry and needs a boost of hydration.
  • Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Eye Treatment [S$78 for 15ml, made in USA]
    One of my favourite eye care products around at the moment. This is my second tub and you can refer to my review here.


I am not very huge on serums but I enjoy their lightweight properties. They are generally very light in texture and watery in consistent which makes application easy, product gets absorbed into the skin quickly.

Normally, a pump of serum is sufficient for my entire face. I pump the product onto my palm, warm up the product and press product onto my skin.

  • Origins™ Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Serum* [S$108 for 30ml, made in USA]
    Brightens up my complexion almost instantly. It feels ever-so-slightly cooling when applying, skin feels refreshed and looks luminous.
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Sérum [S$119 for 30ml, made in France]
    When my skin feels dry, I turn to this hydrating serum. Or if I have dry patches on my forehead and cheeks. This serum helps hydrate my skin throughout the day. Some times I use it as a makeup base too. This product is also listed in my June Favourites post.


To be honest, I used to skip moisturizers as I feel that it’s too much and my face feels sticky. But it all changed, moisturizers nowadays are lightweight and they don’t make my skin look oily or shiny. I use the same method as I do with the serums to apply moisturizer.

  • Origins™ Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Moisturizer* [S$90 for 50ml, made in UK]
    Extremely lightweight and I love its gel-like texture.


After applying selected products mentioned above, I will get dressed and apply my sunscreen. Check out my post on the sunscreens I am currently rotating HERE. I pick my sunscreen depending on my skin that day, needs and concerns.


NOTE: I don’t use every single product mentioned above at one time. I pick from each category so to speak. If a category contains more than 1 product means I rotate them – for example, I will use either the Origins illuminating serum or Chanel hydrating serum.

During the day, I try to keep my skincare routine quick and simple with the minimal number of products and effort. On average, I use 6 items including cleansing and sunscreen. Application takes less than 10 minutes and I usually multi-task like – figure out what to wear, have a cup of coffee, get my bag ready etc.

Most items I use during the day are lightweight, gel-like – nothing too rich and creamy because I will usually have makeup on and it just feels uncomfortable in this humid climate to have too much on.

I am using mainly items from the Origins™ Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Range because the range provides instant brightening effect and radiance to my complexion. Products from this range are also feather-light and gets absorbed easily – great for the morning.


Skincare is very personal – the only way to find out if a product works on you, is to try it yourself. There are many products launching every other month and I think a lot of them are great products with lots of science and technology involved. Narrowing down to a one product, a particular range or brand can be difficult but remember to take your time and listen to your skin.

Many brands provide state-of-the-art skin consultation nowadays, I highly recommend getting a skin check before committing – skincare products can be very costly and unlike makeup, if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t. With makeup, you can at least mix the shades or layer them.

If you reside in Singapore, I highly recommend getting your skin consultation at DFS Galleria. Take a closer look at their Skin Analysis performed with VISIA® Complexion Analysis HERE. Because the Beauty Concierge deals with varies brands, they may be able to provide a broader spectrum of skincare products customised just for you.

Brands like Clarins and Kiehl’s believe in trying before buying thus they are usually quite generous with samples and I believe they will provide relevant samples for sincere buyers. Origins provides complimentary mini-facials which includes a skin consultation and demonstration on you.

For me, I think finding the right skincare range is harder than finding the perfect little black dress. I will surely continue trying, testing and experimenting with various brands and products because our skin keeps changing as we age – but I will do it very slowly.

Good luck and thank you for reading.

14 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine [Day]

  1. Lovely post – I keep intending to update my previous one but have yet to find time to get it done. when I’m done with the current batch of skincare, am going to try out the Origins brightening range – i like how you say it has a featherlight texture. and the Shu Uemura Porefinist – felt really good when I tried it in-store just now! Shall wait for the next metro 20% sale 🙂

    • Good Afternoon Kas,
      I am sure you know my skin quite well, the Origins Mega-Bright range is indeed very lightweight – great for the day and under makeup =)
      Drafting my night care routine, publishing it soon!!
      Looking forward to seeing your skincare routine post..

  2. Can you do a review on ettusais foamy creamy mousse? I’m interested in buying. Is that good for acne/ blemishes skin?

  3. Hi Joey, how’s the origins skincare going going for you? Compared to the rest of the whitening products u’ved used before?

    Looking forward to your post on nightime regime too!

    • Hi Amanda,
      So far, the set of Origins Mega-Bright have been serving me well..
      I appreciate the lightness of the textures and it’s good to include some brightening products during the day (at least I know I am doing my skin some good)..
      But compared to others (Shiseido and Clarins), the Origins Mega-Bright range provides more of a cosmetic solution – instantly brightens the complexion but it hasn’t shown more prominent results in reducing dark spots..
      I guess it’s less potent in that department..
      If your main concern is targeting on dark spots, this range may be a little too mild to see results..
      But if you are looking for something that brightens, add radiance, they are quite good =)

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