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Dior Le Vernis In 231 Bikini & 401 Saint-Tropez

Good evening everyone. Today, I have another set of Dior nail polishes for you, I have included swatches as well as a few comparisons in this post – hope I am not too late as collections for Fall are already falling in.

Each bottle of Dior Le Vernis retails at S$37 for 10ml of product, made in France.

Bikini is a soft but bright pastel coral with a cream finish.

Texture of Bikini is smooth and applies easily without being streaky. 2 coats for total opacity which is brilliant and it’s of a decent consistency – neither too thin nor thick. In general, I find Dior nail polishes never too thin and watery, they are usually quite thick (in a good way) but some can be streaky.

Quick look when swatched beside the following colours;-

  • RBL Coral – has visibly more pink, from a completely different colour family
  • Chanel Orange Fizz – has a tad more orange, brighter and sharper
  • Illamasqua Purity – contains more white, this shade doesn’t look good on my skin tone

I don’t have any shades similar to Bikini – which I am happy to know. Colours in my existing stash are either more pink, more orange or has more white.

Saint-Tropez was first introduced last Summer to celebrate the opening of their boutique in Saint Tropez. With that being said, we didn’t get it in Singapore – it was sold out almost instantly at their Saint Tropez boutique and on their website. It seemed impossible to get my hands on them.

When previews of Dior Summer collection surfaced online, I was pretty glad to find out Saint-Tropez will be part of the collection.

Satin Tropez is a fresh aqua blue with cream finish. Consistency of this shade is slightly thicker than Bikini and is slightly harder to work with. Nonetheless, 2 coats offer full opacity.

Quick look when swatched beside the following colours;-

  • Chanel Nouvelle Vague – has a tad more green in it
  • Estée Lauder Teal Topaz – deeper, slightly more dull and more dusty
  • China Glaze For Audrey – lighter, brighter and has a tad more white

My existing collection of colours similar to Bikini and Saint-Tropez are pretty limited thus I wasn’t able to provide better comparisons for you. I am sure you can find many beautiful comparisons online.

Are you enjoying them as much as I am too?

Overall, I am liking both of them. They are great additions and I enjoy wearing Saint-Tropez particularly on my toes. This shade of aqua seems to brighten up my toes and looks luxe even with flip-flops. Bikini is cheerful and fun on the fingers. The blend of orange + pink + white seems to work well on my skin tone without making my fingers look dull and dark.

They are both great Summer shades – when I see them both, reminds me of a beach vacation.

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Dior Le Vernis In 231 Bikini & 401 Saint-Tropez

  1. My St Tropez was also harder to work with – it was really pretty thick and got draggy so I added a couple of drops of thinner and then all was well. I have ZERO regrets buying Bikini. Ok, zero regrets getting both. 😛

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