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Down The Memory Lane At Old School Delights

Had a little gathering a few weeks ago with the ladies and their other half. Couldn’t decide where to go so I suggested Old School Delights. Where else can be a better place to hang out with old school mates?

Nicole is my kindergarten friend and Jessie is my primary school friend – how time flies, we have known one another for over 2 decades.

It was our first visit to the Old School Delights. We thought their menus are pretty cool. The entire set up did bring us back to school days – in a way, except the prices don’t quite seem to match.

The restaurant is relatively clean and filled with accessories, toys and drawings on the walls. Long tables reminded me of recess time and the setting is great for hanging out with a big group of friends. If you are planning to visit, remember to make a reservation, especially during the weekends – it can be quite packed.

It was a ridiculously tiring day for Mak and myself – pardon my sleepy face. My girlfriends were so nicely dressed that day.

Old School Delights serves a variety of local cuisine, from Nasi Lemak to Fish & Chips and the six of us ordered quite a lot of food. We would recommend Nasi Lemak and Sticky Chewy Chocolate Cake. Curry Chicken, Fish & Chips and their drinks are decent but not fantastic.



215M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574408

Tel: 64584518


Overall, a nice place to hang out – for a meal or just their desserts. It’s nice and cosy especially for a group of friends. There are game cards and five stones on the tables, great tools for filling up time while waiting for food.

Have you visited Old School Delights before?

Thank you for looking.

2 thoughts on “Down The Memory Lane At Old School Delights

  1. That chicken cutlet looks zomgyummy and its 110am now and I had veg beehoon for lunch and dinner goodbye closing the page now what a terrible time to pick to look at food pics and now i want that chocolate cake too look at what you’ve done

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