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Givenchy Vernis Please! In 179 Delicate Brown

Almost like melted chocolate on the nails but of course, non edible in this case. This is my first Givenchy nail polish – Givenchy Vernis Please! in 179 Delicate Brown. And I think this is a shade you either love or hate.

Retails at S$30 for only 5.5ml, made in France – I thought it is quite pricey as compared to other brands like Chanel and Dior given that this bottle only contains 5.5ml.

Due to my very, very limited number of brown nail colours, I am unable to compare it with anything. However, I hope you will enjoy this quick look at the swatches and do let me know what you think of this shade. I have mixed feelings about it.

Comes in a little square bottle with the signature Givenchy logo on top of the cap. The brush applicator is slightly longer – similar to Chanel’s but slightly wider and thicker. Size of the cap is pretty handy, fits nicely in my hands but I always find longer brush applicators harder to apply – I guess that’s just me, I prefer shorter brushes.

I would describe Delicate Brown as a true chocolate-brown with a neutral undertone, cream finish.

Texture of this nail polish is nice and smooth, fully opaque in 2 coats. Consistency is thick (in a good way) and quite easy to work with. If only the brush applicator is a little shorter, application would be even easier in my opinion.

This is a very unique shade in my stash but I am not sure if I like it. Perhaps it looks too much like real chocolate slithered on my nails which makes them look dirty from a distance? I don’t know.

For more swatches, please refer to Eva’s Beauty Blog and Beauty Etc.

Thank you for looking.

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