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Illamasqua Generation Q Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 – Meet Patricia

Hello everyone, here’s the third image from Illamasqua Generation Q Makeup Collection For Fall 2012. You can read more about the collection HERE.

Meet luscious brunette Patricia – aged 55 – who was nominated by her son Alex.

Here are some soundbites from Patricia that I thought you would be interested in reading…

My son entered me in the competition and I thought it was very funny but I didn’t think I would be one of the winners.
It is a huge compliment and I am flattered, but I am still very surprised.

I thought [the shoot] would be nerve-wracking and intimidating but it wasn’t! It was vibrant, organized chaos! I still didn’t feel like a model until I was in front of the camera and even then it didn’t feel real!

I felt very privileged to have Alex Box do my make-up. I have seen some of her work in her book with Rankin – she’s an incredible artist.
She made me feel comfortable and confident; she made it all look so easy.

Thank you for looking, till the next update.

2 thoughts on “Illamasqua Generation Q Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 – Meet Patricia

  1. What’s wrong with their foundation? This is the third promo already with this greasy look. And her brows. Promos have to make people buy and not the opposite.

  2. Stunningly beautiful! So refreshing to see one of my favourite brands of top quality professional makeup really push boundaries in this inspiring collection!

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