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Lancôme Rouge In Love In 163 Rose St Honoré & 272 Bubbly Beige

Hello everyone, this post features Asian version of the newly launched Lancôme Rouge In Love – in two shades, 163 Rose St Honoré from Boudoir Time moment and 272 Bubbly Beige from Tonight Is My Night moment.

A quick recap from the introductory post, Rouge In Love is available in 27 captivating shades. Each one has its own name, its own story… Inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern and stylish young woman the colour palette is divided into three colour universes.

Having tried and love 391 Fiery Attitude, I must admit, I was a little disappointed to learn that in Asia, we are not getting the original range of shades – which seems to be nice and creamy, vibrant and pigmented as compared to the less opaque and translucent Asian version.

However, there are surely a few hidden gems and I am glad I have discovered at least one from the range.

The Asian version of Rouge In Love are presented in an identical packaging as to the original.

Colours from Boudoir Time features the late afternoon moment when you share special times with friends, catching up and sharing secrets in a cosy but chic and stylish lounge – surrounded by satin cushions and designer clothes. In this moment, you will find punchy shades infused with intense pearl particles to mirror their bold approach.

163 Rose St Honoré is almost like a translucent cherry red with glistening shimmer which is yet understated at the same time.

I would totally recommend this shade for those who wears very minimal makeup from day-to-day as it will brighten up your complexion instantly. Because of its translucent quality, it’s work friendly and nothing over the top.

Tonight Is My Night moment features a moment to be seized – think twinkling lights of the city, the buzz of the coolest clubs to be seen in where private concerts are playing. It becomes seductive, with intense deep shades infused with golden pearl particles.

272 Bubbly Beige is a brown-tone beige with a cream finish and doesn’t contain noticeable shimmer.

This is not a colour I would pick up but it is the hidden gem (for me at least). I didn’t think I will like this colour so much until I tried it on my lips – I love it. Because it looks a tad too brown in the tube, I thought it would look dull and death but of course, I was completely wrong.

Again, due to its translucent quality, my natural lip colour was able to show through – giving the brown-tone beige a hint of pink and warmth. Pretty interesting and I think this is the new nude.

Overall, pretty impressed with the range of colours. Although they are seemingly less opaque than the US versions, they have their individual uses. I like the translucency as my natural lip colour can peep through – and that the shades are wearable, nothing too loud.

Texture of these lipsticks are creamy and velvety smooth. Glides nicely onto my lips and keeps them moisturized throughout the day. Pigments don’t cling onto dry skin which is a major plus for me.

If you would like to pick up a shade, I highly recommend trying them on your lips instead of swatching them on your hands. Because they are translucent, wearing them on your lips and swatching on hand can be very different. I also like the soft sheen shinning from within, natural and flattering without having too much shine.


Lancôme Rouge In Love are available at all Lancôme counters. Retails at S$40 each, containing 4.2ml and they are made in Japan.

Thank you for reading, hope the above thoughts helped.

2 thoughts on “Lancôme Rouge In Love In 163 Rose St Honoré & 272 Bubbly Beige

  1. Both look so lovely on you. I especially like that brown shade. It’s quite unique for a brown that so complement, enhance and finish up the look entirely so nicely. It actually looks slightly plummy on you. Very much a fall colour. I’m going to take a look soon.

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