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Make Up Store Gloss Lips Wand In Dahlia

Released as part of Make Up Store Ethnic Makeup Collection For Spring 2012, Gloss Lips Wand in Dahlia retails at S$32 for 10ml of product, made in Canada.

This gloss is housed in a clear plastic tube which allows us to view the shade immediately – easy if one owns a dozen. It comes with a doe foot applicator which I prefer and like more as compared to glosses that comes with a brush applicator. Some brush applicators tend to give way after several uses and extra care is needed when inserting it back to its tube – too much effort for me.

However, I find the applicator a little too small – great for a very sheer and light application but for a more decent dose of product, it may take up to 6 dipping which I consider – time-consuming.

This non-sticky formula bears a fruity scent, noticeable but relatively mild – once on my lips, I could hardly smell it anymore.

Dahlia is a sheer, dusty rose with specks of gold. On its own, it translates a little mauve – could be due to my natural lip colour. The golden shimmers are visible on the lips and reflects light beautifully – doesn’t feel gritty nor rough when I press my lips together which is a major plus – I can’t stand gritty textures on my lips.

The formula is light and comfortable on the lips. It’s not long-lasting but it moisturizes my lips pretty well, even after a long day. It doesn’t cling onto the dry skin nor does the shimmer leaves a mess to clean up. I can see Dahlia looking fabulous on those with lighter/pinker natural lip colour. For me, I prefer wearing it over a creamy matte nude-ish lipstick for more coverage.

I like the non-sticky and light feeling formula together with the beautiful shiny finish but overall, nothing spectacular – perhaps I am not a lipgloss kind of person.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Make Up Store Gloss Lips Wand In Dahlia

  1. Like you, I tend not to wear lipglosses on their own – I always feel it’s not enough. If I wear a gloss, it’s ALWAYS atop a lipstick. That said, I hate hate hate it when my hair whips streaks of lipgloss on my face; looks like I got slashed 😛

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