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NARS The Multiple In G-Spot

NARS The Multiple in G-Spot was released as part of last year’s Holiday Collection, recap of the collection can be found here. Retailing at approximately S$52 on Nordstrom, it contains 14g of product and is made in USA.

I don’t have many NARS Multiples and I am still very new to the idea of multitasking products. For me, I am very straight forward and old-fashion when it comes to products – an eyeshadow is for eyes, a lipstick is for lips and a blush is for the cheeks. Although I have tried using a lipstick as a blush, I tend to stick to what they are labelled for.

With that being said, I only use G-Spot on my cheeks but for the fun of it, I have also tested it on my eyes and lips and I shall share all my thoughts in this post.

Let’s start with the packaging for those who aren’t familiar.

NARS Multiples are housed in a signature NARS rubbery tube – much like a lipstick blown up 10 times. The cap fits on snugly, I have not experienced cap falling off, making a mess in my makeup pouch before – even during travels, in a checked in luggage. The packaging is pretty light, user-friendly and the size is a perfect fit for my hands – nothing too big and clumsy or too tiny to hold and work with.

NARS The Multiple in G-Spot is described as a rich gold-infused rose on NARS website which I couldn’t agree more. G-Spot has the most gorgeous golden micro-shimmer running through its rosy base and the shimmer is very well distributed – spreads evenly and it doesn’t feel gritty even on the lips.

Well blended out, the golden shimmers create a dazzling soft sheen, nothing over-the-top at all.

In the swatches above, I have a heavy swatch of G-Spot on the left and a much sheered out version on the right. Picture on top is taken under natural day light without flash and in the picture below, taken with flash. It can be layered for more colour or you can wear it lightly for just a touch of colour.

I love the texture of G-Spot – it is velvety smooth and creamy, easy to apply and blend. Although it is creamy but it has some sort of a powdery feel to it which doesn’t feel heavy – think lipsticks.

Below is a quick summary of my thoughts when used on eyes, lips and cheeks;-

  • For eyes: For use on the eyes, applying straight from the tube can be challenging because it’s a little chunky. Using a brush is advisable. When used alone, it creases on my lids in less than 15 minutes. A little better with a primer but I don’t see the point of going through so many steps just to use it on the lids. For me, cream eyeshadows should be fuss-free, quick and simple. For those who like cream eyeshadow bases, this may work well as that but remember your primer.
  • For lips: This formula is a little drying on my lips. It emphasizes fine lines and makes my lips look wrinkly when worn alone. But with some help of a lip balm underneath, it looks pretty – layer lipgloss over and it looks amazing. One can use a lip brush to pick up product from the tube or simply apply directly from the tube like an over-size lipstick.
  • For cheeks: For me, this product works brilliantly for the cheeks. Depending on the look I want to achieve; for a light touch of colour, I apply it over foundation, before setting with loose powder but if I want more colour, I apply it after I finish my base (after setting foundation with loose powder). It doesn’t mess up the foundation – gently dab product on cheeks (you can use your fingers or apply directly from the tube) and blend with fingers – fingers work best for this. If you wish, you can always use this as a base for your powder blushes.

Check out my Look In Mandchourie – featuring items from the NARS collection and more pictures of G-Spot in action.

For those who are interested to explore the NARS range of cosmetics and skincare, you would be happy to know that NARS will be arriving in Singapore very, very soon. Excited much? Yes, I am. Finally, we have NARS in Singapore – we can now pop by a NARS counter to swatch and stalk upcoming collections, no more flying overseas!

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “NARS The Multiple In G-Spot

  1. Is G-Spot at all red? I have rosacea and some broken veins so I don’t want a blush that makes me look red. It’s gorgeous on you but I think your skin is more golden than mine.

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