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Dior 3 Couleurs Glow In 851 Pink Glow

eyeshadow, highlighter & liner

Introducing the new, luminous fashionable look from Dior. Inspired by fashion show make-up, Dior has created the 3-Couleurs Glow Palette.

Three textures in a single, sliding palette, recreate the nude and graphic look of the catwalks. Inside you will find a featherweight satin eye shadow that blends immediately into the complexion, a radiant highlighter and a black shadow eyeliner for a dramatic eye.

Retails at S$70, contains 5.5g of products and made in France.

Within the exclusive 3 Couleurs Glow sliding case lies the secret to naturally luminous, dramatic and couture eyes. In 2 easy steps, Dior’s 3 new-generation fusion formulas enhance your eyes with nude or pastel shades, a highlighter and a liner to define them.

  1. A satiny nude or pastel EYESHADOW with an ultra-fine texture melts into the skin. Apply to eyelid and blend.
  2. A HIGHLIGHTER with a wet-look finish illuminates the eyes. Dab on the center of the eyelid and the inner and outer corners of the eye.
  3. A powder LINER is applied to the upper lash line to define the eyes and create the ultimate fashion touch.

Above descriptions extracted from insert found inside the box.

First thing first, I love the sliding compact – it’s easy to slide open and easy to slide close. It’s really chic and pretty, both to look at and to use. The size and total weight of this palette is identical to their previous versions of trios – like this one. But, instead of having the eyeshadows fused together, these ones comes in individual pans – which I much prefer.

This change reminded me of NARS Eyeshadow Trios.

I own two of their 3 Couleurs Smoky palettes and am very happy with them – in terms of texture, colour payoff and longevity. As the name of this product suggests, 3 Couleurs Glow – the pigmentation has weaken a mile but this could be intentional, if you know what I mean.

Texture of the EYESHADOW is smooth and buttery, the HIGHLIGHTER is soft and dazzling and the LINER is nice and black. Together, they can be used to dress up or down for an occasion from day to night.

Due to lack of colorants, I am not sure about my feelings for this trio. I wish the colours are more distinct because with or without an eyeshadow primer, the colour payoff is the same – natural and glowy. I can see that this trio will benefit those who likes a sheer wash of colour across the lids for day-to-day usage and work, it’s simple and fuss-free, literally a 2 minutes eye look.

If you are seeking for true colours and definition, you may be disappointed.

The Make-up Blogette has a review and LOTD for another variation, NUDE GLOW, click here to read her thoughts and swatches. Nude Glow seems to fetch higher pigmentation.

Thank you for looking.

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