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Xi Yan [囍宴] Private Dining

Seems like a tradition – every year on Mak’s birthday, we feast. It was Morton’s last year and this year, we have decided on Xi Yan.

Located above the row of shop houses along Craig Road, Xi Yan is tucked away – offering a quite spot for dining, in a setting like your own home. Be it with a family of 10 or just your other half, I am sure you will enjoy the fusion style dishes just like we did.

Xi Yan means “banquet of joy” or “happy and joyous banquet”. Xi Yan was first started by Jack Yu, a designer-turned-celebrity-chef in Hong Kong in year 2000, followed by Singapore, five years later.

Unlike most restaurants in Singapore, Xi Yan private dining is strictly by reservations only and it adheres to a philosophy that only what’s fresh of the day at the market will be served. The menu is planned by the chef daily. Let’s take a look at what this private diner has to offer, shall we?

Appetizer: Greenhouse tomatoes in wasabi sesame sauce

Appetizer: Australian wagyu beef steak with duo sauces

Main course: Hakka marinated duck

Main course: Stir fried spicy basil crabs with Korean glass noodles

Main course: Lion’s head with Cordyceps flower in chicken broth

Main course: Shrimp paste fish with pomelo salad

Main course: Stir fried baby TianJin cabbage with dried shrimps

Dessert: Steamed coconut custard with bird’s nest

Great food, great ambient and great company – couldn’t ask for more right?

Portions of the food is just nice for both of us, we were properly filled to the brim and had no urge for supper later that night. Each dish is being served individually, one after another and this dinner started from 7:30pm to 10:30pm – one of the longest meals we have ever had.

There is no waiting time in between the dishes, everything is timed and presented in a very orderly manner – impressed.

I would highly recommend Xi Yan for special occasions. We both agreed the must-try includes tomatoes, beef, lion’s head and bird’s nest.

Thank you for looking, hope you had a wonderful weekend.

10 thoughts on “Xi Yan [囍宴] Private Dining

  1. Everything looks wonderful and you both look so happy … everyday should be like this ya? 🙂
    (I tweaked the wordpress thingy – let’s see if I can comment without using twitter nick)

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