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Chanel Le Vernis In 559 Frenzy, 561 Suspicious & 563 Vertigo

Hello everyone, finally, I am sharing quick swatches and thoughts of all three nail colours from Chanel this Fall. There will be no comparisons in this post as there are plenty online already.

Another set of beautiful Fall shades by Chanel with exceptional quality and complexity. All three shades apply smoothly and evenly. In two coats, you will be able to achieve opacity – although I think Frenzy will look great with 3 coats. Wearing them have been a pleasure and if I must choose 1, it would be Frenzy followed by Suspicious.

All swatches taken under natural daylight, without flash.

Frenzy is a pale, creamy pink-grey. This shade looks more grey in 3 coats and I love how versatile and chic it is. It is work friendly, classy with a touch of edginess. I am quite surprised I can pull this shade off, without making my fingers look dark.

Suspicious is a bright raspberry pink with a tinge of magenta. It is brighter than how I envisioned it and expected but of course, I love it. I love how it brightens up my skin tone. It’s a happy Fall shade.

Vertigo is probably the most disappointing shade for me. Knowing I have special likings for dirty, murky shades? This didn’t quite make the cut. But, it is an interesting shade. Let me try to describe it – it’s a deep, murky grey tinge purple with the slightest hint of green undertone.

I am usually not very good at describing colours but I find this set of polishes exceptionally difficult to describe. They are neither here nor there and under different lightings and angles, the shade looks different. Have tried my best, hope you are not too confused.

What are your picks from this set? Besides these nail polishes, I also picked up both the waterproof eyeliners.

Thank you for looking.

Swatches taken with Nail Tek Ridge-Filling Base Coat Foundation II, 2 coats of nail colour and Deborah Lippmann Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat.

6 thoughts on “Chanel Le Vernis In 559 Frenzy, 561 Suspicious & 563 Vertigo

  1. I didn’t get any of these. Suspicious was the only one I liked but I suspected that it would be too close to others in my stash (like butter London blowing raspberries or something) .. But the formula of Suspicious was raved in many blogs which tempted me! 🙂

  2. Hi Joey, normally I pick up al the new nail polishes now I only got Frenzy and might go back for suspisicous, Vertigo I just did not like it it was so flat and boring on my nails the shimmer in the bottle did not show up on my nails at all it was a little to gothic looking for me. I did get the rouge allure extrait glosses which I like very much with the lip liner amarante, and a few of the single shades. My wallet was glad I did not feel the need to buy the whole collection like I normally do.
    I loved to hear what you think of the eyeliners as I did not purchure them (yet :-))

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