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Introducing MAQuillAGE True Eyeshadow Series For Fall 2012


Convey your feelings with your gaze. Eye makeup that brings out your true beauty, so your eyes always remain bright and soulful.

Versatile colours that blend seamlessly for long-lasting bright eyes.

This season, MAQuillAGE introduces the essential must-have eye palette for alluring eyes – MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow. Available in 4 beautiful shades, it is the perfect tool for achieving vibrancy and definition for Asian eyes.

The all new MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow is an essential palette to enhance your natural beauty. It requires minimal technique for blending and illuminates eyes upon application – complete with complementary earthy tones.


1 & 5 Brightens up your eye lids with vibrant colors.

Formulated with an exclusive Shiseido ingredient, it diffuses light and dullness, dark circles and fine lines while blending naturally with skin. For best effects, use A (for 1) and D (for 5) as applicator.


3 Effectively blends the Main color 2 with your skin tone, yet highlights and brightens your eyes.

Brown Shadow Pearl allows it to blend naturally with Asian skin and eyes. It also provides a shading effect to produce a natural, harmonizing, three-dimensional look for the eyelids. This is a key step to achieve a natural blending effect.


4 Containing Pure Black Powder and Adhesive coating ingredient, it creates clearly defined and accentuated eyes.

C The brush tip is as resilient and fine as a pencil eyeliner to easily fill in between lashes and perfectly fits over the uneven surface on the eye crease.

Refreshing, clear violet with VI762

Refined, cosmopolitan green with GR761

Crisp, intelligent pink with PK363

Full-of-life, bright brown with BR264

The ultimate MAQuillAGE True Rouge contains Shiseido’s original, patent-pending Essential Coating Formulation.

True Rouge melts at body temperature once in contact with lips and coats lips in two layers: gloss and color. These two layers repel upon application for dramatically increased color definition, beautiful luster and long wear without transfer.

Available in 4 NEW shades.

Natural Colors in BE361 and RD352
Natural volumizing shades for a pure, feminine charm.

Elegant Colors in RS363 and PK364
Gorgeous shades of pink for allure and glamour.


MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow will retail at S$69 and MAQuillAGE True Rouge will retail at S$49. Available from September 2012.

Thank you for looking.

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