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Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill In 20 Obsidian Black & 23 Madre Perla

Quick swatches of the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in 20 Obsidian Black & 23 Madre Perla for you in this post. These are two of my favourite shades for the past month. If you haven’t already checked them out, you got to as Giorgio Armani is now readily available at DFS Galleria – look for Alan, he’s amazing.

Each Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill retails at S$41 for 4g of product, made in France.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kills are one of my all time favourite eyeshadows. They are incredibly pigmented, true to colour and extremely easy to apply. The intensely packed and smooth formula is long-lasting and fade resistant – lasts all day and night without creasing and there’s no need for a primer (on me).

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in 20 Obsidian Black is a deepen teal shimmer suspended on a black base – lovely, lovely hue as it reflects beautifully and I think this shade is suitable for many skin tones and eye shapes. You can use it as an all over lid colour or use it to smudge a black eyeliner.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in 23 Madre Perla is another amazing shade which my camera somehow didn’t capture its gorgeous pale mint sheen. Depending on light and amount applied, this silvery mint hue can be used as a highlight under the brows, inner corners of the eyes or over a darker/deeper shade like Obsidian Black.

I have used both of these in a recent look here.

Swatches above taken under natural day light without flash. Swatched dry, on dry arm without any primer.

I usually wear it dry and I use a flat rounded paddle brush (Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush/MAC 239) to pick up product directly from the pot. Tap off access and gently pat onto lids. I use a fluffy brush (MAC 217/Laura Mercier Eye Crease/realTechniques Domed Shadow Brush) to soften the edges.

Darker shades from the range provide quick, simple and easy smokey eyes with minimum fall outs.

Mid-tone shades are absolutely brilliant for all over the lids, the complexity and soft metallic sheen creates a stunning three-dimensional illusion – looks as if I have applied more than just 1 colour and have spent a long time blending etc. but in actual fact, it’s so effortless.

Lighter shades from the range are ideal for spot highlighting – inner corners of the eyes, along the lower lash line or under the brows. They can also be layered over darken eyeshadows, particularly center of the lids. Or, they can also be used as a sheer wash of colour across the lids for lazy days.

More Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill to come, I have also picked up 3 from their Acqua Collection.

Thank you for looking.

8 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill In 20 Obsidian Black & 23 Madre Perla

    • Awww..
      I am so sorry..
      But I think you need at least 1 ETK – it’s complexity is incomparable!!
      Generally, I have no problems blending with a brush – note, some colours do get more fall outs than others tho..
      Overall, love..

  1. Hi Joey, I’ve read some reviews on Obsidian Black which say that its relatively harder to blend and that it loses that lovely teal shine on application to the lids. Is that something you’ve experienced at all?
    Its the first shade in the collection that blew me away!! Would’ve purchased it in a heartbeat if not for having read those reviews 😦 I do love the look you did with Obs Black and Madre Perla btw. Its honestly the prettiest smokey eye I’ve seen 🙂

    • Hi Gwen,
      Thank you for your kind comments!!
      I didn’t have problems blending Obsidian Black, perhaps I apply up to the maximum point whereby I needed very little blending?
      Will you be able to try this shade over the counter?
      Ask if you can blend it yourself and see if it works for you?
      I hope I helped =)

  2. Obsidian Black is really stunning. I never bought these yet, but I find that L’Oreal Infaillible can be good dupes, though Giorgio Armani’s colours are more complex.

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