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Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill In 24 Smokey Copper, 25 Rusted Gold & 28 Red Platine

Giorgio Armani released 6 new and limited edition Eyes To Kill shades this Summer in their Acqua Collection.

24 Smokey Copper, 25 Rusted Gold & 28 Red Platine are my picks. Each Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill retails at S$41 for 4g of product, made in France. Available locally exclusively at DFS Galleria.

Meanwhile, the addition of these 3 gorgeous shades complete my collection of 15. My first was 16 Silver/Black Grey when it was initially released as part of a limited edition collection. I don’t own all shades and I tend to skip the lighter ones – I love their mid-tone shades as they are super versatile.

So, back to the Acqua Collection of Eyes To Kill. All 6 of them are gorgeous, Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book has beautiful swatches (as always) of them all here.

24 Smokey Copper is a deepen mid-tone brown with copper-gold specks. This shade has less sparkles and is more wearable – even as an overall lid colour despite its darker hue.

25 Rusted Gold is a deep murky olive-green with golden specks, absolutely breathtaking and multidimensional.

28 Red Platine is a gorgeous mid-tone rose gold with copper specks. This shade leans warmer and I think it makes the most beautiful and glamorous bronze smokey eyes when paired with Smokey Copper.

Eyes To Kill unveils a pearl blend that radiates four spellbinding colours. Each of the Eyes to Kill shades is based on a revolutionary technology that acts like a kaleidoscope, producing multidimensional colors.

Neither a cream nor a powder, this incredible hybrid formula acts like a colour suspension that delivers a dreamy, ethereal beauty to eyes with a 24 hour hold.

I have used each of them on separate occasions but I can’t wait to create looks using them for this space.

Which shade would you like me to use first? And is there any particular looks you would like me to create using these stunning Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill? Sometimes I get mental blocks and I don’t know what looks to do so suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you for looking and happy mid-week.

26 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill In 24 Smokey Copper, 25 Rusted Gold & 28 Red Platine

  1. Dear Joey, I bought 25 Rusted Gold but somehow i felt is bit dark and shimmer for me. I still haven’t use it as felt that this color is not ‘user-friendly’ for everyday use, especially for working in office. I would like to see how you use this shade for daily use, if possible.
    Thanks in advance.
    Grace Tan

    • Hi Grace,
      I am sorry to hear that you find #25 too dark for daily use..
      How about using a fluffier brush to create a wash of colour instead of using a paddle brush?
      I will try to create an everyday, work-friendly look with this shade for you..

  2. Seems like everyone is going gaga over ETKs. I would love the see a beautiful green and a sapphire blue for the holidays. Hopefully a pale gold because I missed out last year’s version.

  3. I just bought the shade Purpura last week to try. It’s really nice! I am heading back to get more. I had a hard time picking which out the colour.

    I like to know…do you prefer them to Chanel Illusion d’Ombr?

    • Hi Ahwish,
      GA ETK are awesome, once you are in love, there’s no turning back =)
      GA and Chanel are totally different in terms of texture and finish – it’s hard to compare and decide..
      ETK are easier to use IMO but I love the sparkles from Chanel’s..
      What about you?

      • I don’t own any of the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre yet. But I am very intrigued by the item. The only reason why I hesitate is because when I swatch if on my hand, it didn’t seems very lasting. Like a minor touch, it will wear off.

        Do you feel that way? I have a slight suspicion that it could be the tester though.

        • Hi Ahwish,
          They take longer to set and yes, with a minor touch before they settle will move them..
          If I intend to wear them throughout the day or night, I will apply a base (just in case) and they lasts relatively well =)
          But I have heard creasing issues for those who has oilier lids..
          May I suggest trying them out at the store?
          Get the BA to apply for you (with and without base) so you can decide if it works for you at the end of they day?
          Their sparkles are to die for!!

  4. Hi Joey, great collection of ETKs! Maybe u cld show us a look using the red platine? Ive realized it does make some look “swollen” so I’m curious on ur take of a wearable look using this color 😀


    I’ve been oohing and ahhing over this one for ages, and it looks so gorgeous. I’d love to see it on you, since we have such similar colouring!

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