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Introducing Lancôme Midnight Roses Makeup Collection For Fall 2012


Midnight, the hour of untold possibilities…

In Autumn 2011, Lancôme introduced 29, Saint Honoré, a collection paying homage to Lancôme’s emblematic address.

Today, marking the next chapter in this beautiful story, Lancôme invites us to number 29 on a secret street. A magical, coveted address. A perfect location that opens its doors at the hour when purple roses come into bloom…

It is here that the “Midnight Roses”, women among the most elegant in the world, emerge just after midnight. Inspired by the atmosphere of Parisian nights, Lancôme unveils a resolutely sophisticated and feminine look, designed around the purple colour spectrum. Somewhere between mystery and magic, the “Midnight Roses” collection showcases nocturnal seduction through each of its “purple-tinted” dimensions.

When night-time becomes a magical celebration…


The most enigmatic of all the colours, a sacred and infinitely precious shade, for thousands of years purple has been shrouded in mystery.

A closely guarded treasure…

Over the centuries, the formula of the ancient purple shade was lost and has represented an ultimate, unattained object of desire for colour alchemists. Today there are only a handful of people in the world who know how to conjure up authentic purple pigments, extracted from the same shell (Hexaplex Trunculus) as the one used by the very first Mediterranean civilizations.

Thanks to colorimetric science, the Lancôme Laboratories have succeeded in colour-matching the original shade, transposing it into cosmetics thanks to extremely fine new-generation satin-aspect mother-of-pearl. Captured in this way, the colour of true purple now takes centre stage in the “Midnight Roses” collection.

Playing with gloss and matte effects, it perfectly symbolizes all the spellbinding magic of night-time in Paris.


The twelve strikes of midnight ring out…

Paris is bathed in purple hues and the city is infused with magic. The “Midnight Roses” get ready to begin their night of festivities.

The location is ultra-confidential. The doors do not reveal any clues and yet… This is the enchantresses’ most coveted rendezvous, for women who resolutely turn away from the Cinderella spirit. Rush home at midnight and break the spell? Out of the question.

True night owls, audacious and sophisticated, they experiment with texture and contrast. In their clutch bags nestles a treasured matte lipstick, a purple talisman…

In the twilight, the lustre of their lightly blushed cheeks catches the eye. Rose Sortilège, Potion d’Amour, Moonlight Rose – mysterious explorations between matte and gloss in the half-light shadows of a highly exclusive club.

For the “Midnight Roses”, the magic of the night is conjured at midnight…

L’Absolu Nu – S$44

For Fall, L’Absolu Nu dresses your lips in 3 new sheer shades.

L’Absolu Nu enhances your natural lip tone in a magic veil of shiny translucent colors while caring for them with anti-aging ingredient Pro-Xylane™.

From light lavender to soft rose, these new colors will reveal your magic seduction powers.

  • 309 Soie de Lilas
  • 310 Rose Damas
  • 311 Prune Résille

Créme de Brilliance – S$40

For the “Midnight Roses” collection, L’Absolu Créme de Brillance has undergone a transformation and become completely matte.

The smoothness of a gloss, the coverage of a lipstick, the comfort of a cream texture…

Extraordinarily enveloping, L’Absolu Créme de Mat metamorphoses lips into the petals of a purple rose. With two deep shades, they are as irresistible as a love potion.

  • 100 Potion d’Amour
  • 300 Magie Pourpre

Blush Highlighter in Moonlight Rose – S$70

Like reflected moonbeams dancing on the banks of the Seine… The Blush Highlighter captures the unique light that bathes Paris at midnight.

Crafted thanks to a new technology combining a high-comfort “marshmallow” texture with an illuminating effect, this extremely fine, light-infused powder is adorned with an embossed emblematic Lancôme rose. The powder feels whisper-soft on application, leaving just a veil of sheer pearly radiance.

Lancôme tips:

  • Apply in delicate strokes following the lines of the shoulders, the Blush Highlighter beautifully emphasises a low-neck dress.
  • Delicately apply using a sponge applicator, it catches the light, playing with “matte and gloss” contrasts.


Just like the purple roses, they blossom as the close strikes midnight…

Exuding astounding magnetism, Hanna Ben Abdesslem and Elettra Wiedemann embody the “Midnight Roses” for Lancôme’s new Fall 2012 makeup collection. Adorned with shades of purple on lips and nails… With radiant complexions and intense, structured eyes; a magical night lies ahead.

An image captures a decisive moment: the moment when, swathed in purple light that seems to conjure all the mysteries of the Parisian night, the most beautiful women slip through the doors of the city’s most secret address.

For a night of untold possibilities…


Lancôme Midnight Roses Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 will be available at selected Lancôme Beauty Counters from September 2012.

Thank you for looking.

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