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Some Old Photos & Upcoming Posts

Good afternoon everyone.

Flipping through my old photo albums brought back lots of lovely memories and memories I once thought lost. I keep my old photo albums in boxes, in my store-room and the last time I looked through them was at least 3 years ago when I moved into my new apartment.

I don’t keep a physical photo album anymore – everything is digital now, easier to keep and more space savvy but they definitely lack some kind of a personal touch.

I have a few pictures of myself, from one year old (above) to about five to share with you today.

I was really girlie even at a very young age – I love playing with Barbie dolls and as you can see, Ken is a lucky guy shared amongst many other beautiful Barbies. I used to cut and style my dolls’ hair – some ended up looking horrid I must say and dress them up for different occasions I imagine.

I also love to wear pretty little dresses, play dress up and wear my mummy’s shoes.

A little trick I used to be able to do – I could stand on a tray of fresh eggs without even breaking any. I doubt I can do that anymore tho – haven’t tried in many, many years.

My dad was quite strict when I was little, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was in uni. But that didn’t stop me – when my dad was at work, I will bring out a bag of makeup my mum bought to doll up my friends.

I was five in the picture below, putting makeup on my best friend, Nicole. Those were the days when CoverGirl, MAX Factor and Mary Quant were still readily available in Singapore (not 100% sure about Mary Quant being available over counters but I could briefly recall playing with these brands).

Despite being a strict dad, he knows my love for cosmetics and when my parents travel, they will (some times) buy me a travel set with eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascara. I remember going through my sister’s makeup bag secretly (ops, if you are reading this) – Dior and Shiseido had a different packaging back then, Dior’s lipsticks came in a hexagon casing and Shiseido’s in a more rounded bullet – I wish I have kept some of them.

Going skincare shopping with my mother after school made me the happiest child. My mum used to frequent the Kosé counter at OG and after shopping, she will bring me to my favourite restaurant for a set meal.

Looking through these pictures brought joy together with sadness – I missed the days when we lived as a family and I miss my mum.

This couple of months have been unusually busy for me with multiple travels thus the awful silence. Although I haven’t been able to share full reviews on the blog, I am glad that my 2 minutes reviews have helped a few of my friends and that they are enjoying the products.

Thanks to all of you who have dropped me a message and popped a comment during my absence – I am doing great and have been shopping, I bought 4 items from Lunasol Fall and all three Chanel Les Twin Sets (omg, gorgeous).

I have yet to find a good time with proper lighting to take pictures of some items. Once I have the time to do that, I will be able to start trying them and hopefully share some thoughts about them too. On the other hand, there are also many products I have tried and like but never had the time to write about. The list of drafts is getting longer and products are accumulating.

Not a good sign and I shall try my very best to clear up the backlogs.

My computer and internet connection at home are giving me problems. Mak helped me shift my computer to the living room and for the past 3 days, I have been working from my coffee table – I am currently desperate for a relaxing shoulder and back massage. And the hot, boiling weather ain’t helping either.

Lack of rest, water and stress amongst all things left me skin dry and lips flaking too.

I shall try to make time to feature some of my favourites soon (!) together with entries of the soon to be available Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup, Estée Lauder items from Fall and exciting nail polish collections, Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy & Ghost and more, and items from NARS to celebrate their reappearance in Singapore in about 2 months’ time.

Have been growing my brows and loving them fuller. I have also been loving black liquid eyeliners – two to soon be featured. Recently, my makeup looks will include black eyeliner, natural looking skin with a decent dose of highlighter and bright lips. If my lips are matte, I will go for shimmery cheeks and vice versa if I go for glossy lips, I will go for a matte blush.

Oh, I have been loving deep, dark nails too.

Lastly, have you visited the YSL boutique at ION? I went one afternoon and it was really packed, all the BAs were busy serving customers and many of their items were sold out.

Thank you for reading, till the next post.

18 thoughts on “Some Old Photos & Upcoming Posts

  1. hi Joey, long time no “hear” at blogsphere! great to have u back. OMG, your little niece looks just like u when u were little! can’t wait to read your posts!

  2. OMG Joey, Standing on a tray of eggs without breaking them is a new thing for me LOL 😀 and oh you look so adorable in that red dress!! Such a cutie 😀
    I can’t wait for your review of Estee Lauder and that GA Maestro 🙂

  3. Dear Joey, thanks for sharing ! Looking thru your old photos reminded me of my childhood life, and my mommy too ! Be mother of 1 son make me treasure of my family, a lots ! Haha ! Can’t wait to read all the review of these lovely products, espeically the GA foundation !
    Thanks for sharing again, always enjoy reading your post !
    grace tan 🙂

    • Hi Grace,
      You are most welcome and thank you for supporting this little space =)
      Can’t wait to write up and share thoughts about all the amazing products!!
      Have a great week ahead..

  4. So cute! Already a makeup fanatic since young! :p
    You looked the same when you are a kid (very pretty since young!).

    Looking forward to your review on GA Maestro!

  5. A beautiful child grew up to be a beautiful woman! I, too, have always loved makeup and skincare. I used to sneek into my grandmother’s bedroom and put on her powder and rouge (blush). My mother always found out as I was allergic to them and would break out in a rash! I still have to watch out for Tocopherol (Vitamin E) as I am wildly allergic to that ingredient. I hate to think of all the money I’ve spent over the decades but it is my enjoyment.

  6. Sooo cute, love that red hot tube dress on you!!!!
    I remember MaxFactor and CoverGirl in Singapore too…. used to buy their super red and Hot pink lipsticks when I’m ahem… way too young to wear makeup!

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