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Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eyeshadow In 018

An entirely new brand to my existing collection – the Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eyeshadow in 018 is the essential combination amongst the other 9 sets according to the brand.

Colours, light, shine and shadow. Everything is within the palette. The shades the eyeshadow creates with reflected light give the eyes outstanding depth, making them appear beautiful from any angle.

Cosme Decorte

The Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eyeshadow in 018 retails at S$82 for 5.4g of product, made in Japan. Find out more about Cosme Decorte’s latest offerings in this post here.

The 4 tone eyeshadows are neatly presented in a matte plastic casing with intricate motive carvings and the collection’s signature butterfly emblem. It’s light yet sturdy and I love that the casing is not a finger print magnet.

The packaging also features a sleek and modern silver skirting which matches the AQ MW logo.

In this palette, you will find 4 soft and luscious eyeshadow colours – from top to bottom, there’s a (4) Shiny Color, (3) Highlight Color, (2) Accent Color and (1) Shading Color. Cosme Decorte suggests starting with the (1) Shading Color and apply progressively lighter colours to create deep and glossy gradations.

The eyeshadows are lightly flora scented, nothing overwhelming but soft and delicate.

All four shades have a similar texture, buttery and creamy – feels very luxe in my opinion, think Urban Decay but softer. This texture reminds me of Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ eyeshadow quads.

Despite the luxurious texture across the board, colour payoff varies ever so slightly – the 2 lighter shades are less pigmented than the darker shades but overall, all of them provide quality pigmentation which I am very much in love with.

A little goes a long way because of their pigmentation level.

Swatches from left to right: (4) Shiny Color, (3) Highlight Color, (2) Accent Color and (1) Shading Color. Swatches taken under natural day light, without flash and on dry arm, without primer.

Each of the four shades have a different finish. (4) Shiny Color is sort of an iridescent mint with silver shimmer, (3) Highlight Color is a frosty beige, (2) Accent Color is a shimmery murky olive and (1) Shading Color is a multi-dimensional grey-tone army green with multi-coloured shimmer.

The shimmers in each shade are very finely milled thus the colours feel extremely soft and non-gritty when in use.

The colour harmony in this palette works incredibly beautifully together – whether you are creating a set of natural smoky eyes for the day or a set of sultry looking eyes for the night. The colours blend together exceptionally well on the eye lids with minimum fall outs and maximum wear with or without an eyeshadow primer.

Overall, I am very impressed with this eyeshadow palette – the quality, texture and colour payoff is amazing. Apart from this palette, I think 016 is really interesting too. The blues and teals are beautiful.

But having said that, their range of colours are not tremendously unique, perhaps only 1 or 2 shades from each quad. If you already own a large collection of eyeshadows, you may find similar shades from your stash – especially the lighter shades.

Thank you for reading.

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