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Lunasol Cream Cheeks In EX 02 Light Beige & EX 07 Coral Orange

This post features two Lunasol Cream Cheeks in EX 02 Light Beige and EX 07 Coral Orange. Each retails at S$45 for 12g of product, made in Japan. Both are limited edition items from their previous collections.

Lustrous finish that is unique to cream-type products. Creates desirable translucency and a natural complexion, reminiscent of the image of Sweet Rose petals.


Cream blushers are usually not my thing. On a ratio, I probably have 1 cream blusher to every 10 powder blushers in my stash. I like all types of blushers, be it cream, gel or liquid as each type has their own beauty – but I tend to stick to powder ones because it’s more convenient, quick and simple to use.

In fact, I find that cream blushers look more natural and blend seamlessly onto the skin.

EX 02 Light Beige is a shimmery golden beige which blends into my skin tone very well. I mainly use this shade as a highlight because of its gorgeous sheen. As a blush, this shade is a little too natural for my liking. My favourite pairing is using this shade over NARS Gilda.

EX07 Coral Orange is a shimmery golden orange. This shade is more and vibrant and visible on my skin tone and I like to either use it alone after foundation, before setting with loose powder or as a base for my powder blush. This shade also looks good when paired with more muted, neutral tones like NARS Douceur or Burberry Russet Blush.

Swatches above taken under natural sun light, without using flash.

The Lunasol Cream Cheeks comes in long nozzle clear plastic tubes with screw cap – sturdy and handy. The long nozzle dispenses just the desired amount of product each time which is ideal because all I need is a little.

Upon application of these Lunasol Cream Cheeks, there is a slight cooling sensation which I enjoy. I don’t apply directly from the tube, instead, I squeeze out a small amount on the back of my hand – use either a brush or my fingers to dab on desire areas.

I find that dabbing the product on works best as dabbing will not mess up the foundation. I apply a little each time and work in layers to add more when I need more intensity.

One thing I absolutely adore when using cream, gel or liquid products is, the level of intensity can be adjusted by layering – I know we can do it with powder products too but the overall visual effect is slightly different. I am glad that this formula supports layering too without turning cakey.

Overall, I love the shimmery sheen of this product which is not exceptionally overwhelming and glistening. I also like how light it feels on my face. Although it’s in cream form, it has a smooth and powdery feel when blended out. I have no issues with their wear-ability, both shades wore well throughout the day.

Thank you for reading, happy mid-week.

10 thoughts on “Lunasol Cream Cheeks In EX 02 Light Beige & EX 07 Coral Orange

  1. I like Lunasol Cream cheeks.
    They are so easy to blend & don’t smudge my base makeup as I have a habit of applying cream cheek over my foundation. I also squeezed a little bit at the back of my hand & dab on the cheeks.
    I think I’ll take forever to finish a tube! *LOL

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      I love all kinds of blushers but I tend to be lazy and reach out to the powder ones more often..
      Agree, cream/liquid ones are so natural =)
      Looking forward to getting a pink tone cream blush soon..

  2. Ive never tried a cream blush but, now I want to! 🙂 The coral orange looks really nice and smooth when its blended out. 🙂

  3. I love cream blushes, searching for a super long lasting one. They orange look gorgeous! I bet it look dewy and beautiful on you!

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