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Giorgio Armani Écailles Face & Cheeks Duo Palette

One of my favourite blushers recently – I couldn’t get enough of it since I purchased it, photographed it and used it. Previously featured in my August Favourites, this item needs no further introduction but I think it deserves another mention – a quick one.

Giorgio Armani Écailles Face & Cheeks Duo Palette retails at S$63 for 8.5g of product, made in Italy.

Presented in Giorgio Armani’s signature black lacquer casing along with their classic magnetic closer, you will find a lovely duo for both face and cheek. The combination provides natural looking sculpted cheeks with a radiant glow.

To top of this beautiful combination, there’s Giorgio Armani’s logo imprinted in the center – looking chic.

The blush in this duo has good colour payoff and is buildable. I would describe it as a semi-matte muted rose-brown with a slight reminiscence of vintage roses.

The highlighter is sheer but provides a beautiful soft sheen that accentuates features. It has multi-tone iridescent shimmers in it which reflects light beautifully. The sheerness of it makes it more wearable – I can even apply it down the center of my nose (which I seldom do) without looking overly greasy or shiny.

Texture of both blush and highlighter are finely milled, smooth to touch and easy to blend.

If I ever desire a quick flush, I can swirl my blush brush in the center of the pan to pick up both shades – by doing this, I get a nice and natural shimmering rose colour for the apples of my cheeks.

This is a beautiful palette to own in my opinion and I will repurchase it if I ever run out but do note that this is a limited edition piece. I am not sure if the counter still has stock for it but news says that their Easy Chic Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 is about to arrive.

Are you planning to get anything from their Fall collection?

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Écailles Face & Cheeks Duo Palette

  1. This looks utterly stunning! It looks Like a perfect shade. I’m developing a great love for GA. I picked up their ETK in 27 and 28, and am quite admiring rouge D’Armani #26, which I need to hurry up and swipe. Lovely review s always

  2. I tried looking for this at DFS Scottswalk after reading your post but they’re out! Very lovely colour! How do you think this will look on very fair skin though?

    • Hi Sarah,
      I am so sorry to hear that it’s already been sold out..
      Will they be bringing in more?
      I think this shade will look even more beautiful on fair skin – it’s gonna be a little more pigmented on fair skin so you gotta be light handed..

  3. I checked with them, they said they’re not bringing in anymore as it’s LE. Anyway i managed to get it on! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Thanks for the tip, will be more careful when i use it. Thanks for your great reviews by the way. Just your pictures alone will tempt me! 🙂

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