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LA MER The New Miracle Workshop

La Mer introduced a new texture to their existing range of moisturizers – let’s welcome the NEW Moisturizer Soft Cream. For more information about the fifth texture, price and availability, please refer to my introductory post here.

The event was held at La Mer’s office, an intimate session with Cecilia in their board room, decorated with bouquets of flowers. Many thanks to La Mer and their PR team for having us.

The event started off with educational pieces of La Mer’s history – how it started, why it started, the intricate process of how a tub of La Mer is being made and how it became so popular that everyone wants a piece of La Mer. And this dated back to 15 years ago, when La Mer arrived in Singapore – with just one product, Crème de la Mer which was 100% sold out in a week.

I am sure we all know that the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™ is the key ingredient in La Mer’s products. The Miracle Broth™ derived from hand harvested kelp which is then fermented gently with simple and pure ingredients. These ingredients include light and sound – as simple as it sounds, it’s a complicating process for sure.

The legendary Miracle Broth™ promises healing powers, provides the skin with energy, it’s filled with nutrients, it hydrates and rejuvenates the skin – all that in a tub of cream.

Many years ago, I was on a La Mer kick and managed to try a few of their products. I did a mini review (if you even call that a review) of The Moisturizing Gel Cream which I can still remember how soft and refreshing the texture is. I am liking The Oil Absorbing Lotion for our hot and humid climate in Singapore.

I remember The Mist came in extremely handy when my family and I were in China a few years ago. It was during winter when the air is cold and dry, and the wind is strong and unforgiving.

If you are someone who adores facial scrubs and is willing to splurge, The Refining Facial is for you. Imagine rubbing almost two carats of pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz on your skin – this scrub instantly smoothes and brighten any dull skin.

La Mer has developed five different textures of moisturizing creams to suit different skin types, lifestyles, climates and preferences. Swatches above shows, from left to right, in the order from the lightest texture to the original, richest in texture:

  • The Oil Absorbing Lotion – is weightless and mattifying, ideal for very oily skin
  • The Moisturizing Lotion – is a fluid and fast absorbing formula with a dewy finish, ideal for oily skin and is good for warm, humid climates
  • The Moisturizing Gel Cream – is refreshing and hydrating for oily skin and is good for warm, humid climates
  • The Moisturizing Soft Cream – is creamy and nourishing for normal to dry skin (a light version to Créme de la Mer without having to activate)
  • Créme de la Mer – is dense, rich cream for dry, flaky skin or during exposure to extremely drying weather conditions

To find correct moisturizer for your own skin – I believe the best option is to visit your nearest La Mer counter or if you like, you can also Find Your Moisturizer here.

The event ended with a little hands on project – making our very own Green & Red Apple Enzymes. I have listed all the  ingredients and method for you if you would like to have a go at making your own enzymes.

Science had proved that apples contains Flavonoids and Polyphenols, consuming together will have a very good effect of preventing cancer and anti-oxidant. The nutrition contains are neutral, consuming more helps to slim down and relieves QI but for those lack of energy, it is better not to eat too much.

If you want to success in making enzymes, it is better to add in lemons because lemons provide the effects of killing germs.


  • 300g green apples
  • 300g red apples
  • 300g lemons
  • 700g brown sugar blocks
  • 1 x 2 liter glass bottle


  1. Wash green apples, red apples and lemons until clean and set aside to let dry in the air; wash knife, glass bottle and other utensils until clean, put under hot sun to dry them.
  2. Remove green apples skin and red apples skin (it is fine if you don’t want to remove the skin), remove the core and slice thinly; half-open lemon together with skin (it is ok if you want to remove skin), remove seeds and slice thinly.
  3. Spread all green apples on the bottom of glass, spread on 200g of sugar, follow by all red apples, spread 200g of sugar; lastly spread on all lemons and spread on 300g sugar, just make sure the highest layer is sugar will be fine and remember don’t fill until too full, leave some space for the ingredients to ferment.
  4. By then cover the glass with lid, do not need to close it too tight, leave a bit of air for the enzymes.
  5. Lastly, keep the glass in a dry, clean and shady place, after 4 weeks, if the enzymes smell sweet and didn’t grow black mildews, then you just need to strain away the bits and enzymes are ready.
  6. Keep ready-made enzymes fresh in the fridge, mix 3 tablespoon of enzymes into 1 cup of water, stir to mix well and serve.

My bottle of enzymes did not make it through 4 weeks, at week 3, it started to grow black mildews. Quite sad actually, I really wanted to taste how it’s like. Perhaps I shall give it another try when I am in the mood.

Thank you for looking.

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