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I Have Been..

Hello everyone, I have been rather quite lately – on the blog, Instagram and everywhere else, and I miss all of you!! I miss blogging, I miss taking pictures of products, myself and I miss creating looks.

October hasn’t been the best, I started the month with fever and flu which lasted for almost 1.5 weeks. When fever and flu recovered, I had sore eyes – I haven’t been able to wear makeup and missed a couple of events due to me being poorly. My sore eyes have just went away 2 days ago.

During this period of time, I managed to re-size many pictures on this blog – I am sorry, some of you may have received notifications through your RSS feed. Have been trying out several new blog themes too but I have not decided on one yet. I also managed to tidy up my closet and makeup drawers.

In this post, mainly pictorial – I just want to say “Hi” and keep you updated with what I have been doing. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

I have been enjoying the range of Chanel fragrances recently. I took a break from Chanel No.5 because I feel that the scent no longer lasts on me – am glad the break helped. Nowadays, Chanel No.5 lasts on me throughout the day and say “Hi” to Chanel Coco Noir, the newest member.

Spent a lovely day with the family at East Coast Park cycling. Boy, this place has changed but still filled with joy and laughter.

The little girl is big now. She can have a proper conversation with people, asks questions and tell tales. It’s always a pleasure spending time with her, watching her grow from day 1 – it’s an amazing journey and a speedy one too, seems like it was yesterday and she was so little.

Mak and I spent a day at Fort Canning.

It’s quite rare we have time for an outing like that. We started our journey from The Glass House, located at the Fort Canning Hotel. The ambient was good, food was good too – the salad is fresh and beef burger is delicious. During the weekday, it’s empty – especially after lunch hour, great for brunch or late lunch.

Took a scroll down The Battle Box.

And ended our Fort Canning outing with an exquisite dinner at Flutes At The Fort.

Mak had Roasted Victorian Lamb Rack and I had Pearl Barley Risotto with Shaved Black Truffle.

A place that everyone should visit – SPRUCE, located at 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park. Beautiful, beautiful place with both luscious outdoor and gorgeous indoor settings. Great food with excellent services.

Took a scroll around Phoenix Park after dinner that night, the entire place didn’t feel like Singapore – low-rise buildings, slightly old school style – filled with spa, offices and gym along the way. A very peaceful sight, loving the environment, very relaxing.

Jessie and I celebrated Nicole’s birthday at SPRUCE. Awesome catch ups, silly jokes and gossips – more to come and may all your wishes come true. Time flew by – very literally, we were in Sydney during Nicole’s birthday last year and zoom – 岁月不饶人!! To the amazing friendship, love you guys.

My sister and I were messing around with the idea of me taking family portraits for her. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never tried. It was fun and above are some of my favourite shots. It’s really difficult to get the little girl to sit still, look at the camera and smile. I could only capture the essence of her – being naturally playful.

What do you think of the pictures?

Taken 2 – the latest movie Mak and I watched. It’s awesome – I love Liam Neeson. If you like Taken, you must watch Taken 2 – it’s almost as exciting and thrilling as the first. It did not disappoint and I am very happy with the ending. I doubt there will be a third episode tho, having it would probably kill everything.

Now, I am very much looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Some of you may have noticed my very sparse posting lately, I do apologize for the lack of updates – as much as I wish to update, whenever I sit in front of my computer screen, my mind goes blank. I do not know what to talk about anymore. However, I wish to blog more often, like the past and I shall find time for that.

Ending this post with a very random thought – I believe in Mermaids. For those who believes in Mermaids too, you may find this documentary really interesting. Ever since I was little, I love to watch The Little Mermaid and Splash is also one of my favourite mermaid movies.

Thank you for reading, TGIF and happy weekend.

12 thoughts on “I Have Been..

  1. You’ve been missed too! Sounds like you caught a pretty awful bug 😦 but glad to know you’re feeling better. I never knew you had a little one btw 🙂 She’s absolutely gorgeous!

    • Hi Gwen,
      Aww.. Thank you, I really missed blogging!!
      Glad that all is good now and I am ready to roll once again =)
      My little niece, she’s really awesome, a gift to the family..
      Happy Saturday xx

  2. So glad to hear from you again! You have been missed and I have been concerned about you. Once again, you have made a wonderful blog today. I love to see the photos and hear about where you go, what you eat, and what you think about various things such as the low buildings not seeming like Singapore. It’s refreshing to me to hear a firsthand report on far away places and about life in different countries. It’s like a mini trip. You are an excellent photographer! Your photos of friends and family are terrific and I do believe you would be a great success as a photographer. Your little niece is so adorable! She is growing up quickly as time passes way too fast. Take care of yourself, please continue to blog whatever is on your mind about your life and thoughts about anything and everything. You are an intelligent and sensitive person and it is interesting to hear about your observations on any subject. I will now go and check out the documentary on Mermaids. Thank you and glad you are well again!

    • Hi Mimi,
      Thank you dear, I have missed everyone online and blogging!!
      I am so sorry to keep you guys wondering where I was – should have posted at least a status..
      Kids grow up so fast, glad I didn’t miss any major part of her growth =)
      Thank you once again for your care and concern, much appreciated!!
      Happy weekend to you and your love ones xx

  3. Hi Joey,

    Nice to get to read your blog posts again.

    Take care as the monsoon season approaches and everywhere gets more crowded during the festive season.

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