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Chanel Le Vernis In 565 Beige

Chanel Le Vernis in 565 Beige was the last thing on my shopping list, even when it first appeared online. I love shades of beiges and nudes on my nails but I reach out for muted roses and reds more often because they seem to brighten up my skin tone.

When I was at Chanel checking out the Les Twin-Sets, I saw Beige for the first time. I was immensely captivated by its soft pink iridescent sheen and the rest became history – Beige came home with me.

Beige is a pure beige with a yellow undertone and soft iridescent pink micro-shimmer running through. In certain angle and lighting, the pink sheen may not be visible but as soon as there is light, the pink sheen is simply irresistible. It is a unique addition to my existing stash and I appreciate its complexity.

However, I feel that Beige can be a little intimidating on my skin tone – I find it a little too stark. What do you think? For more swatches, check out The Make-up Blogette and The Makeup Look Book here and comparisons here.

Thank you for reading.

Swatches taken under natural sunlight without using flash. Swatches swatched with Nail Tek Foundation II, 3 coats of nail polish and Seche Vite Top Coat.

6 thoughts on “Chanel Le Vernis In 565 Beige

  1. Bonjours Joey – Je t’aime Chanel # 5 – c’est magnifique pour ma chérie femme – mais non – “Chanel Le Vernis in 565 Beige” ! Je suis navre, je ne c’est pas – on Your nails, it looks like yellowed teeth needing to be whitened – especially next to Your beautiful fingers and well manicured nails – Please stay with a color more complimentary to Your lovely skin ! Cheers, Robert

  2. Hello Joey,

    I loved the color! and I would like to know how do you do your nails? because it looks so perfect almost like you have a special tool to do it. Is it right? I you have it, can you show it??

    kisses Si

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