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Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge In 8 Red, 10 Raspberry & 15 Pink

This Fall, Make Up For Ever introduced a new lip product, completed with a range of flattering colours – from nudes to reds. The latest addition to their AQUA range, the Aqua Rouge lipstick is a very long-lasting waterproof lipstick with a dazzling colour result. They are highly glossy, concentrated lipstick with an innovative element that combines two applications in one.

Retails at S$39 each for 2.5ml x 2 of product, made in Italy.

Available in 12 shades. In this post, I have three shades for you – 8 Red, 10 Raspberry & 15 Pink. This set of new lip colours have matching lip pencils to go along with them – all in the same numbers.

8 Red – a pure, neutral bright red.

I believe that everyone can wear red lips and there’s a red for everyone. Neutral reds work very nicely on most skin tones and with the correct red, it helps to brighten up skin tones. With the correct red, one can also transform from day to night in an instant.

10 Raspberry – a deep burgundy rose.

I think this shade is absolutely flattering across most skin tones. This is probably my favourite shade amongst the three showcased today. This shade is every-so-slightly dusty, making it less bright but still has that “oomph” and a sense of mystery to it.

It’s edgy and a great alternative to wearing red.

15 Pink – a sweet, carnation pink.

Pardon my sloppy application for this shade. Is it me or does this shade makes me look younger? I seldom wear baby pink lip colours but it can be quite refreshing to wear such hues some times. I will pair this pink with graphical eyeliner for an edgy, grown-up look.

Packaging & Application

These Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge comes in duo-ended plastic lipgloss tubes. The lip colour side comes with a flock applicator which picks up the right amount for each application. The clear gloss side comes with a brush applicator.

The lip colour itself doesn’t contain any shine or shimmer. It’s creamy and easy to apply, feels very lightweight and is extremely pigmented. In 20-30 seconds, the lip colour will settle with a matte finish which doesn’t smudge, doesn’t bleed and doesn’t budge.

For first timers, you may want to line your lips as a guide – trust me, you don’t want to mess up this lip colour because it’s really difficult to remove. Paint the lip colour on as slowly as you can, you can also start from the inner lips and work your way out as you gain more control of the applicator. You can also use a separate lip brush to pick up a smaller amount of product.

Find an application method that you are comfortable and confident with – try to make as little error as possible.

The lip colour alone feels weird on the lips, especially when I press my lips together – it feels sticky, dry kind of sticky if you know what I mean. Paint a coat of clear gloss over to ease the weirdness and achieve the ultimate glossy finish.

Longevity & Removal

Putting these lip colours to the test. I applied a layer of lip colour and clear gloss on my hand, I placed my hand under running water for about 2-3 minutes. I tried to wipe off the lip colours with a tissue and as you can see, nothing much came off.

After this experiment, the clear gloss has pretty much vanished, leaving the lip colour still very intact.

On my lips, it’s pretty impossible to remove with a tissue. Makeup wipes help but I find oil cleanser works best. Soak cotton pad with oil cleanser, place cotton pad on lips for about 10 seconds, let the oil does its job and wipe off in one direction.

Lasts incredibly well throughout a heavy meal. All I had to do after a meal is to blot off access oil and reapply the gloss.


This lip product has some seriously long-lasting quality, possibly the most long-lasting lipsticks I have ever come across. Good and bad depending on how you look at things. I mean, I am totally crazy over the fact that I can have perfectly coloured nude/red lips throughout the day without having to worry about smudging and fading.

The lip colour alone can be a little drying for my dry lips so I apply a very light layer of lip balm prior to applying the lip colour. Even with the lip balm, the lasting power is still pretty amazing.

The colours you get from these lipsticks are solid, very opaque coverage and what you see in the tube is what you get. It’s important to try the shades on your lips to decide because I think it’s quite a task to tone or sheer them down – unless you use a separate applicator but that defeats the purpose of having such an amazingly pigmented product.

I would recommend this product to

Anyone who has problems with lip colours not lasting, fading throughout the day or red lip colours that bleeds around the edges. Busy women who generally dislike or don’t have time to touch up their lip colours will most likely benefit from these.

For those who loves changing lip colours throughout the day will not like these as it’s really difficult to remove.

Worth taking a look as they are great additions in the market. Intense colours, simple to apply, easy to use (just be careful it doesn’t stain your teeth) and lasts well.

Thank you for looking.

10 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge In 8 Red, 10 Raspberry & 15 Pink

  1. Thanks for reviewing these lipsticks Joey. I was so close to buying 08 and and 09 but have decided not to now. I already have difficulty cleaning off mistakes with my Rouge d’armani so I think these will be too hard!
    I’m not a pink lipstick girl either but I really like 15 Pink on you. Its a very sweet colour and yes it does make you look younger 🙂

    • Hi Gwen,
      You are most welcome =)
      A lip pencil and/or lip brush may help you apply lipsticks more precisely thus less mistakes..
      Have a go with with a lip brush if you don’t have a matching lip pencil, let me know how it goes!!
      Thank you, yes, a very sweet colour.. I may have to reach out for these shades more often!!
      Happy mid-week xx

  2. D:

    Joey, these look absolutely beautiful on you! The formula sounds wonderful as well — I tend to stay away from long-wearing lip products, as my lips are quite dry, but I might just have to make an exception for these 😉

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