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6 Empties This Month

I guess it’s time of the year or simply the period where all my products seem to run out. On some months, I don’t even finish anything. I have finished another 6 items and would like to share them with you. Looking pretty green this month, I have mainly skincare, something for hair and scalp and a hand wash.

In my last empties post, I included product descriptions extracted from their website – I find it a little wordy so I haven’t included them in this entry, only my thoughts.


S$45 – 150ml, France

Probably my third tube and I have just opened another one. I have been using this mask for my sensitive scalp since last year. It relieves itch due to the extremely hot weather in Singapore and it has a cooling effect which I really enjoy. It comes in a convenient tube with a cannula head nozzle. This specific applicator offers more precision in the dosage and distribution of the product which can be applied directly onto the scalp and is more hygienically.


S$98 – 10ml, Singapore

Another product that I have been repurchasing each time it runs out. This product is part of my skincare routine at night (find out more about my skincare routine here and here). I go for monthly facial and my facial includes extraction – although it can be painful but I prefer facial treatments with extraction, it feels more clean (personal preference). And because my skin is sensitive, I am normally quite red after facial (I get red very easily; when it’s hot, when I sweat or 2 sips of beer).

Dr GL® Skin Repair is crucial for my post-facial regime, it helps calm down my redness, repairs and treats my skin – I usually use it for the next 7 days after my facial.

It is a rather pricy investment but one drop is all I need. The bottle of 10ml can last me approximately 1.5 – 2 months and I keep it refrigerated so it’s nice and cooling when I use it. Since I started using it beginning of the year, I have used up about 4 bottles.


S$50 – 150ml, Belgium

I love foaming cleansers and this cleanser foams up, cleanses well and leaves my skin feeling supple – no tightness at all. I enjoy using it with my Clarisonic every morning, the light citrus filled scent together with the 1 minute “massage” in a steaming hot shower seem to be the perfect combination for waking up. A little goes a long way, just a tiny pea size is sufficient for my entire face and neck.


S$26 – 300ml, France

I wash my hands very often if I am at home as I have sweaty palms – the humid weather in Singapore doesn’t help either. So, I am quite particular with my choice of hand wash as washing hands too much can cause unnecessary dryness. I try to go for more moisturizing hand washes but I avoid using any form of hand creams except before bed – if I use hand cream during the day and when my palms sweat, everything I touch will be greasy – gross.

This hand wash is formulated with a vegetal soap base and wheat proteins to cleanse without drying. It bears a sparkling lemony aroma which is nice and refreshing.


S$108 – 240ml, Korea

Feels just like water, this toner is extremely gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It’s mildly cooling and hydrating, great for post-facial use.


S$68 – 30ml, Japan

This mask comes in two sizes and I bought the smaller one. I am sure you guys know I am crazy over masks, especially hydrating masks. This mask is clear and almost gel-like, it feels cooling upon application – really nice particularly on a hot day – keep it in the refrigerator for an even cooler feel.

I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and wipe it off with a warm towel. My skin feels moist and deeply hydrated. I might consider repurchasing this in bigger size.

Because the texture and consistency of this mask, it’s ideal for massaging or using it with any massaging devices. I use it around my eye contour area with their eye optimiser once in a while and it feels really luxe.


I am beginning to enjoy doing empties posts because I can now keep track of what I have used up – and this actually motivates me to use up whatever products I have at the moment before opening new ones. Do let me know your thoughts about this sort of posts and whether you would like to read more.

I have also tried to include prices for your reference as well as my own record. I hope you find the information helpful.

Thank you for reading.

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