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Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette In Violet Underground

Like the Pure Color Gelée Eye Palette in 01 Bronze Sands (reviewed and swatched here) – this Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette in Violet Underground is as breathtaking. In this post, I would like to share some swatches and thoughts about this palette with you.

For more details about the collection and prices, please refer to this post.

This number is a mysteriously rich mix of deep violet, crimson and fuchsia grounded with a sensual pale pink and a powerful matte black shade at the center.

The formula reaches new heights and textural dimension with an innovative ‘tribrid’ technology that allows for complete versatility with two finish options: apply wet for a vibrant-chrome charged flash of color or dry for a subtle shine finish.

Combined with the exclusive True Vision Technology™, the high-definition color impact is amplified with a cyber-metallic finish that can create a range of daring looks.

Estée Lauder


Instead of the usual gold and clear casing, this eyeshadow palette comes in blue. I find the packaging very well suited with the collection and colours in the palette. Everything is very well presented. And as you can see, the eyeshadows come in a form of zigzag pattern imprinted on them.

In this palette, you will find a magenta pink, a burgundy brown, a blue-purple, a silver-champagne and a matte black. The matte black is crucial to this palette of bright metallic hues – it brings them together and makes this array of colours more wearable.

It is possible to wear all the colours at one time but I wouldn’t. I usually pick two of the more vibrant shades and match them together with the silver-champagne as a highlight and use matte black to deepen the corners of my eyes. I love the blue-purple shade on my skin tone, it doesn’t translate too bright nor ghostly – the hue and intensity is well-balanced, perfect.

Another shade I love is – yes, you are right, the burgundy brown. It’s a gorgeous hue on its own. Swatches below taken under natural day light without flash – on dry arm without primer.


Pigment level of all five shades, stunning. One can create a sheer wash of colour across the lids with a touch of product or create a more dramatic pair of smoky eyes by layering (or simply pick up product with a flat paddle brush).

I experienced with little fall outs during application, the powder seems to adhere nicely onto my lids – even without a primer. However, I would recommend applying your foundation after if you are planning on a very strong look – this will minimize chances of ruining your perfectly painted base.

I didn’t experience any creasing nor fading with these eyeshadows – without a primer but like I always do, I need to highlight that I don’t usually have problems with creasing.

Texture of the eyeshadows are silky smooth. Pigments are very finely milled – feels almost cream-like except the matte black shade. The matte black shade is slightly more powdery. Each shade creates a multi-dimensional hue on the lids depending on the lighting and angle. The finish of these eyeshadows are softly metallic, nothing over the top I would say – if used correctly, I think it’s still very wearable (especially burgundy brown).


I highly recommend this eyeshadow palette to those who would like to have a pop of hue this holiday. The combination of this palette is fun, versatile and wearable. Quality is excellent, there’s nothing I don’t like about it – except the fact that its limited edition.


Thank you for looking.

8 thoughts on “Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette In Violet Underground

  1. Hi Joey I was lucky enough do buy this palette a few weeks ago I adore it you can do so many different looks with it its really its money worth normally I am not a hudge estee lauder fan but this I love I got it together with the purple gloss and liptstick just stunny together thats for the great post I loved reading it!

    • Hi Nawi,
      How have you been?
      Yes, this palette is a gem!! And I completely agree with you about the many looks that can be done with this palette alone!!
      Thank you for your kind comments =)
      Happy weekend!!

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