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Lancôme Vernis In Love

While I was in Taiwan, I picked up a few bottles of Lancôme Vernis In Love – the colours are too pretty to pass and I simple couldn’t resist. Like the name “Vernis In Love”, it’s hard not to love. Many of the colours I wanted were out of stock so here, I have 5 of them for you.

I can’t remember how much they are. Each contains 6ml of product, made in France.


A beautiful and understated rose with the slightest touch of coral. This shade is an everyday colour, I find it work friendly and extremely feminine.


At the back of my head, I am constantly searching for the perfect brown/chocolate nail polish. I can’t seem to find one that works well with my skin tone but I think this shade is pretty close. What do you think?

It’s a rich chocolate-coffee brown, not overly milky with a slight hint of dusty taupe in certain angles. I think it’s a beautiful warm shade.


Bright neutral reds never fail to impress. Although I must say this is not a unique red but it’s pretty and clearly brightens up my skin tone. Am loving it.


Deep blood reds always add a sense of mysterious-ness and I adore that. To me, reds are timeless – any day, any time, any season, red nails rock.


Gorgeous deep slate grey with a blend of charcoal and blue. Complex yet understated – this is a very nice shade. Reminds me of MAC Blue India and NARS Storm Bird – unfortunately, I don’t have either of them to compare.


All the five nail polishes have a cream finish – they do not contain shimmers. All colours are superbly pigmented, 2 coats do the trick and they apply beautifully smooth and even – without streaking. The texture is creamy and applies easily. The brush applicator is very slightly rounded, making colouring around the cuticles a breeze.

However, I think the formula needs a bit of work for these gorgeous nail colours.

They dry relatively quickly but they do not dry glossy. A thick and glossy top coat will do the trick. I also find that they don’t last very well – major tip wear at the end of 2nd day. I wash the dishes and type a lot but I don’t usually have this problem with rest of my nail polishes.

I am not sure if I would recommend them because of their short life span. And also, it is not available in Singapore – I am just not sure if it’s worth all the effort to purchase online (if they even do international shipping). Unless it’s within your reach, you may want to check out the colours – their range of colours are pretty awesome.

Overall, like but not love mainly due to its formula.

Thank you for looking.

Swatches taken under artificial white light without flash. Swatches swatched with Nail Tek Foundation II, 2 coats of nail polish and Seche Vite Top Coat.

2 thoughts on “Lancôme Vernis In Love

  1. Wow Joey! You do an incredible job. I think the brown shade might be my favorite, it looks beautiful on your skin tone. Too bad for the wear, they are so lovely. Thanks for your honest review! xo

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