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What Does He Think Of: The SK-II Men Skincare Range

Hello everyone, today I have something a little different to share – some thoughts on the recently launched SK-II Men. During the launch party, we were provided press samples of the entire range and since then, Mak has been enjoying them. For more information and prices of this range, please refer to this post.

As this is a rather impromptu review, I didn’t manage to capture any “before” and “after” pictures and Mak’s a little shy.

It took us quite some time to compose this entry mainly because it’s a challenge for Mak to describe his thoughts and for me to compile all the information. And to think of a way we can put this review through to all of you. And so, we came up with a simple “Question & Answer” format.


What is your skin type and what are your main concerns?

M: I have dry skin but a very oily T-zone. During my teenage years, I had some minor acne. I think my skin is loosing its firmness, it’s not smooth and I have big pores. Occasionally, there will be a few spots and I have dull skin.

What do you think of the Moisturizing Cleanser?

M: The smell is acceptable and I like that it foams up. There’s no dry feeling nor tightness after washing and my face feels clean with a protective layer. Compared to other cleansers I have tried, this feels the most comfortable because others feel dry and after a few hours, my face starts to get oily. I think this cleanser helps to balance my skin’s moisture level, even after a few hours, my skin doesn’t feel dry.

Who would you recommend the Moisturizing Cleanser to?

M: I would recommend this cleanser to those who are always in air-conditioned environment and people with dry skin.

What do you think of the Facial Treatment Essence?

M: It has a pungent smell, up until today, I still can’t get used to it but the smell goes away in about 15-20 minutes and it doesn’t smell as strong as the ladies’ version. It’s like water, like other toners I have tried. I pour the product on my hands and pat onto my face as I don’t want to waste any of this “miracle water” by using a cotton pad. Upon application, any post-shaven areas will have a tingling sensation, slightly burning but goes away very quickly. This product provides instant hydration but I really dislike the smell.

What do you think of the Age Revitalize Moisturizer?

M: It smells normal, no unpleasant smell. The texture is creamy, smooth and feels like silk. I like that it’s light and watery, very easy to apply. I use 2-3 pumps for my face and neck, from down to up, product absorbs quickly with no sticky feeling.

What are your thoughts about the packaging of SK-II Men skincare range?

M: Generally, they are easy to open, easy to close and comes in handy sizes, especially the Age Revitalize Moisturizer and the pump is easy to pump. They all fit into my drawer very nicely, very space savvy.

What are your overall thoughts of the SK-II Men skincare range?

M: It’s pure luxury and it’s the first proper skincare range for men I have tried. Men products’ formula are catered for men so it feels as if my face is properly taken care of as compared to using my girlfriend’s skincare products. Overall, the items are very well-edited and efficient for my sloppy skin-caring lifestyle.

How long have you been using the SK-II Men skincare range and did you notice any difference to your skin?

M: I have been using it for a few months now but not consistently. I use the cleanser every day and night but not the other items. Some times I forget and some times I am lazy so I apply either the moisturizer or the essence. I tend to apply both moisturizer and essence at night when my girlfriend reminds me to. Despite my rather inconsistent usage, I noticed brighter skin, smaller pores and my skin feels more firm.

What would you like to see added to the SK-II Men skincare range in the future?

M: Eye cream.

Personally, I think Mak has relatively good skin ever since we first met. It’s amazing to see how his skin has improved throughout the weeks and months of using SK-II Men. Before this, as he mentioned, he shares my skincare products with me. I think the three items from SK-II Men really suits Mak’s lifestyle.

Unlike me, he doesn’t have to pile on toner and serum – his skincare regime is simple yet efficient, only takes him 2 minutes each time. But he would really benefit with an eye cream that can specifically target his dark circles. And if there’s another moisturizer with SPF for day use would be perfect.

A warm “thank you” to Mak for making this review possible. If you are wondering, all answers above are in his own words – I mean, I am impressed with his “beauty vocabulary”. We really hope that this review has helped, let us know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “What Does He Think Of: The SK-II Men Skincare Range

  1. Haha! I LOVE the smell of FTE! Haha. My boyfriend is also using the same products and when we both did the Magic Ring Counselling at the counter, his score was double of mine (I wasn’t using any SK-II products at that point of time.). Haha. Thankfully he thinks the smell of the FTE is alright, otherwise there would be no way that he would even go near it! Haha.

    Anyway, while I notice that my boyfriend’s face is brighter and looks ‘cleaner’, the products don’t really do much for clogged pores (Which he has, a lot. :\). Then again, these products don’t target this particular problem. It would be really good if SK-II came up with a version of the Skin Refining Treatment for men (Since, technically, they are supposed to have more sebum production than us.). (:

  2. I have a big smile on my face. Men are funny, aren’t they? It was amusing that you wrote that it’s a challenge for Mak to describe his thoughts! I have a husband and two grown sons so I have experienced this strange phenomenon many times! I, too, dislike the smell of the Treatment Essence. I keep wondering if it’s gone bad and I should throw it away. It smells like dirty, sour feet to me. Not too great putting it all over your face! Mak did a great job in describing the items in the line and how they performed on his skin. It was fun having him review this line because I would like to select some items for my husband and sons but I know they wouldn’t co-operate in checking things out and making selections so I’ll have to do it for them. No doubt, men have some different skin care issues that we do so it’s really a help to have Mak weigh in on his opinions such as how a product feels when applying it after shaving etc. Thank you Mak for being a good sport and participating in this endeavor. I hope you will review more items for men soon, such as soaps, shampoos, shaving items and any other skin care items for men. I love the “comic” you put at the end with you reminding Mak to use his SKII. You are so creative!

    • Hi Mimi,
      How’s your Saturday coming along?
      It’s raining here ~ again..
      I have a big smile on my face too, reading your comment =)
      Yes, they are – they often give one word answers.. LOL.. It was quite hard to get Mak to tell me what he thinks so Q&A is the best!!
      My sister shops for her husband too, how similar!! I totally get what you mean..
      Thank you so much for your encouragements and support!!
      And yes, that picture truly illustrates how I bug him all the time to put on his skincare so I can do this review – up till today tho =)
      Happy weekend Mimi xx

  3. I’m an American living in Taiwan so I’m fortunate to have SK-II men range here (it’s not available in USA). Actually, I must admit I bought the products in Hong Kong as they’re less expensive there than here in Taiwan. I had used the women’s line prior to this, years ago, but I always loved that FTE… I was amazed by the IMMEDIATE results. The men’s line is so classy-looking! The packaging is perfect, although, a flip-top cap on the cleaner would be MUCH more efficient for us guys, though the screw cap on the current one is visually appealing. Sorry girls, but the FTE for men smells WAY better and has a very very slight cooling sensation that yours also lacks. Thanks for the great review and I hope more guys try this product… it really is worth the extra cash.

    • Hello Steven,
      Thank you for popping by and leaving such a great comment =)
      I agree with everything you have mentioned especially the cleanser and of course the smell of FTE!!
      Happy mid-week dear xx

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