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Meet Mon Shu

Hello everyone, how’s Sunday going for you? And have you seen the latest Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura collection? Ever since I heard of this exciting collaboration, I knew I wanted to get at least 1 item as keepsake but I didn’t know what (yet) – until I saw them.

This is a rather modest purchase with only two items.

I couldn’t pass on the Eyelash Curler with a red silicone pad, it’s super eye catching in my opinion. Retails at S$28 and comes with one refill pad as normal.

The other item I got is the TSUYA Skin Peach UV Under Base – for youthful radiance. Retails at S$65 for 50g of product, made in Japan. This is an anti-aging mousse with SPF 30 which claims to help improve skin’s appearance and overall condition whilst providing a natural cover to conceal dark spots, blemishes and scars.

It is also designed for all skin types and tones – and the unique mousse formulation delivers hydration and coverage with an aero-light texture. This Peach mousse also completes my current collection of the other four. Would you like to see a review on all of them and how they compare?

Slightly tempted by the Special Nail Stickers and the Makeup Box tho. Did you get anything from this collection? What are your picks?

Thank you for looking.

14 thoughts on “Meet Mon Shu

  1. I’ve tried the tsuya mousse but its not left me with a good impression unfortunately. I found it was harder to blend, dried to a tacky finish and when I rubbed my face, it would come off in little peach peels 😦 Would be interested in how you find it.
    Oh and yes! Please do a comparison of the 4 mousses! 🙂 Thanks Joey!

  2. Oh I wish I could find these beauties in Russia! I think you’ve made the right choice with the most stylish curler and the mousse. Haven’t read anything about these mousses yet so – yeah, it would be great to find out more.

    Have a great day!
    And thanks for sharing!)

  3. Wanted to get the red curler but seeing it in real life yesterday, my expectation kinda fell short. A bit filmsy I feel, or maybe its just me 😦 And I had two new backups for the normal Shu curler already, I shall pass!!!

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