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Premiere Of SK-II Revolutionary Boutique At TANGS Orchard


new boutique boasts hallmark features that raise the bar for skincare counseling including a revamp of the 2012 POPAI award-winning shingle tester bar

SK-II has grown from strength to strength over the years and the opening of our newly revamped beauty boutique at TANGS is a testament of our commitment to meet the needs of our growing pool of shoppers. At SK-II, we strive to exceed shoppers’ expectations by combining personalized beauty counseling with breakthrough skincare innovations – all within an easily navigable space to allow shoppers to browse at ease.

Miss Loo Lee Lee
SK-II Group Sales Manager, Singapore


Inspired by the ideal skin standard that SK-II epitomizes – crystal clarity, the new boutique is framed by a first-ever 3D crystal ceiling from SK-II that plays with natural light to express the miracle of Pitera™ on skin, bringing to life the key dimensions of radiance, translucence, youthfulness and luminous glow.

The boutique also flaunts another new feature, Essence Source – a display for the iconic Facial Treatment Essence with animating Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) that glorify the miracle of SK-II’s Pitera™ heritage.

Topping off the holistic Pitera™ experience is a series of LED Wall Screens to showcase SK-II’s newest innovations and heritage.


Designed around SK-II’s deep belief that prestige skincare should be both luxurious and accessible to women, the new boutique is steeped in a holistic three-pronged approach to welcome new and existing users to come up close and personal with SK-II’s myriad of beauty innovations.

    The new boutique flaunts a new dedicated trial fixture, Crystal Play Space – the first-ever 3,600mm play space ever introduced at a prestige beauty boutique from SK-II. Helmed by an open concept, the highlight of Crystal Play Space is a revamped shingle tester bar whose design won a silver award at the 2010 POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) awards in Paris, the Oscar awards for design work in the skincare bar and shelf category.
    Besides driving shopper trials, the SK-II boutique at TANGS will be the first to showcase SK-II’s expert skincare regimens through a self-guided area flanked by iPads containing step-by-step application techniques to foster greater shopper engagement and interactivity.
    Shoppers can also get their skin tested with SK-II’s groundbreaking counseling tool that has recalibrated the benchmark for skincare counseling, Magic Ring. Exclusively developed by SK-II’s Research & Development innovation centre in Kobe, Japan, Magic Ring is equipped with features new to existing skin imaging counseling tools so as to identify your specific Ageless Vector to enable the design of a personalized anti-aging skincare regimen to optimize your skin’s aging needs.

Rounding up the holistic SK-II experience at TANGS is yet another first-ever design to be making its debut from SK-II – Red Onyx Flooring pattern, a key distinguishing design element to add that touch of sparkle to shoppers’ browsing experience.

SK-II’s new boutique at TANGS is a model example of how we have successfully integrated our deep consumer knowledge to bring an optimal in-store experience to the shopper while leading the way for best-in-class design excellence, epitomized by our award-winning store elements.

Vanessa Ward
Design Manager, SK-II Global Prestige

SK-II’s new beauty boutique at TANGS is officially opened. To celebrate the opening of its new boutique, SK-II will be giving away an exclusive Ashley Isham pouch with every purchase of the Best of the Best Christmas Coffret.

Last week, I had a go at the Magic Ring – I scored 74%, not too bad for my current skin condition. My lowest score is Texture – 64% which is about 25 years old and my highest score is Spot Control – 76% which is about 20 years old (8 years younger than my actual age), looks like my sunscreens are helping. Rest of the scores are in between.

Have you tried the Magic Ring? I always encourage my friends to do skin checks because there are certain issues we can’t see with our naked eyes – machines and tools give us a better picture of what’s underneath our skin so we can start targeting the problems before they surfaces.

The newly revamped TANGS Beauty Hall is looking ever so gracious already and I can’t wait to experience the entire space once it’s all done.

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Premiere Of SK-II Revolutionary Boutique At TANGS Orchard

    • I don’t think an appointment is required but it’s advisable just in case someone is doing the consultation and there’s long waiting time!!
      You should try it, it’s pretty awesome!!

  1. Hey Joey,

    Do you know if those products are tested in animals? or it has some whale ingredient? Its really sad if they do that :(…


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