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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain In № 5, 6, 11 & 18

Previously featured in my September favourites – finally, I have the most talked about lip stains for the past couple of months for you today. From its launch, all I have seen and heard about them – are positive. Special thanks to Sophia for gifting me my first two YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains for birthday.

Each of them retails at S$43 for 6ml of product, made in France.

Not entirely sure but I believe there are 20 shades available – ranging from nudes, violets to reds. I think the selection of shades are gorgeous, there will surely be a shade for you, for any occasion.


Each of these glossy stains come in a black plastic tube with a transparent “niche” in the centre, on both sides – I find it extremely helpful as it allows the colour to show through, very easy and fuss-free to find the shade you need. The wand features a tarnished gold hand piece (similar to their repackaged nail polishes) with some sort of a “hastate” shaped applicator which provides precise application.

Unless I want to mix the shades, I always apply directly from the tube with the applicator because it’s so convenient. Whenever I want to mix the shades, I use a mixing palette and the shades fuses together evenly.

When it comes to stains, I think it’s important to go slow and steady especially when one is doing it without a lip pencil – because you wouldn’t want the stain to stain outside your lips. I didn’t encounter any problems mainly because the applicator is really a genius. And it picks up just the right amount each time.

If you ever make a mistake, don’t worry, use a cotton bud soaked with a little makeup remover – Bioderma Sensibio H2O or Rouge Bunny Rouge Gentle Cleansing Water are good and wipe of the edges. Touch up with foundation/concealer if necessary.


I have four shades for you in this post – sorry, I haven’t been able to do lip swatches of them as yet but I am planning to include one or two of them in some upcoming looks.

  • № 5 Rouge Vintage – a dusty rose
  • № 6 Camel Croisiere – a burnt orange
  • № 11 Rouge Gouache – rich, vibrant poppy red
  • № 18 Rose Pastelle – pastel pink

№ 5 is totally my kind of colour, I would wear it any day, any time and I know the colour will be suitable for me. On my lips, № 6 translate less bright so it’s more wearable – a single coat gives my lips a glossy look without much colour, I need at least 2 coats for this shade to show up.

№ 11 is bright and I think this shade will suit many skin tones. It’s red with a touch of pink, very flattering.

And lastly, № 18 is a pale pastel pink which doesn’t work well on its own on my skin tone. It’s a little too pale and stark on my lips so I mix this shade with either № 5 or № 11 to tone down the shades when I am in a playful mood. Or I apply a thin layer over my lips to “conceal” my natural lip colour – works just like a concealer or lip primer (in a way).


They smell of something I can’t quite pinpoint but nothing overwhelming or lingering.

These YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains are not just a gloss, not yet a lipstick. It’s a fusion that consists of the – intense shine of a gloss, rich colour payoff of a lipstick and the staying power of a stain. Yes, all that in one single product.

The texture is almost jelly-like and upon application, there’s a cooling sensation which I absolutely love, it’s like a treat for my lips. All colours above except № 18 applies evenly on my lips.

The formula seems to fill in all the fine lines on my lips leaving them looking moist and plump – it’s amazing. The formula also doesn’t emphasize my lips’ dryness. I didn’t experience any bleeding nor feathering throughout the day. And I usually get up to 6 hours of perfect wear with these stains.

Unlike a lipstick with a creamy feel on the lips, these glossy stains feel kind of sticky when I press my lips together. It is not bothering for me tho because it’s not as sticky as lipglosses can be.


Nothing but love. I haven’t quite explored the entire range of colours yet and many of you have told me which are your favourite shades – which I really need to check them out.

Amongst them four, I really like № 5 and № 11. I am really impressed with them – from formula to the shades. For me, lip stains can be quite drying and tend to cling onto dry skin after 2 hours but these don’t. And the colours stay vibrant and true throughout the wear.

However, on days when I have extremely dry, chapped lips, I try to avoid using them or I will layer lip balm under and over for more moisture.


Anyone and everyone. This is one lip product that I think everyone should try and hopefully, you will fall in love with them too. Especially for those who likes shiny lips but doesn’t like traditional glosses because of the short wearing time.

Depending on the colour you pick, a thin layer gives your lips just the right amount of shine – making them look healthy. Layer on for more intensity and best of all, it’s ultra lightweight – 5 layers feels the same as 1.

Thank you for looking.

16 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain In № 5, 6, 11 & 18

  1. Thanks for the swatches, Joey! I have #5 that I got about three months ago I think. I really like it for work actually because I don’t have to worry that my lipstick is fading off. I do have dry lips so I apply lip balm on top of it as the glossiness wears off a bit after 2-3 hours.

    • Hi Coco,
      Thank you for popping by and commenting =)
      № 11 is absolutely gorgeous but there are also many very beautiful, vibrant shades in this range..
      Can’t wait to swatch them all!!

  2. I hated them at the beginning, lol. beside #1, which I kept only for the beautiful colour, I purged all the others. but I fihuered out how to use them and now I regret the purging, lol. I wonder how the pastel pink will look on you, it seems so pale and sheer but the colour is still pretty.

    • Hi Claire,
      Thank you for sharing your experiences..
      № 1 is such a strong shade but super pretty, I need to check it out!!
      № 18 looks as if I have totally erased my natural lip colour off, lol..

  3. I love mine, #14 which is a fuschia color that enhances my own lip color. I agree with all you’ve said here about texture, wearability etc. It’s love!

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